What is an analo? Traditions and innovations

Spiritual development

People who have recently started joiningOrthodox faith, many questions arise. It is difficult to understand the divine services independently. It is not clear how to behave in the church, which symbolizes the internal structure of the temple. Today we will talk about an extended table with an inclined board on which the clergy place icons and books. It's anal. What is connected with this subject of church decoration?

Analoy this

Assignment of analogues

An unusually sounding word came to us fromGreek language. It translates as a "bookstand". The meaning of the word "analoy" in modern times has practically not changed. This is the name of the tetrahedral table - quite high with a sloping top board. He still has books, icons. There are several types of analogues:

  • Folding. It is made in the form of thumbs on one or fourlegs. During the service he is covered with a cloth in the color of vestments of clergy and used to place books. This is a portable option, installed as needed.
  • Pronkinitarius. This is analo under the icons, quite massive.
  • Clearson. It is a pillar or a cabinet with shelves that end with a pyramid of several faces. Such designs are used to place scores, they are installed on the choirs.

Side or center?

Analoy - this is the object that performs in the templeapplication function. From ancient times in the Orthodox Church, these tables were portable. Analogies with icons were usually placed to the right of the royal gates. The center of the temple was an altar, symbolizing the Kingdom of Heaven, from which the Savior descends into our sinful world.

In the Catholic Church, on the contrary, an analo with an iconis located in the center in front of the throne. It is decorated with flowers, candles and attracts the main attention of the worshipers. Recently, this is often observed in Orthodox churches. On the central analogue place festive icons, saints. Many priests protest against innovation, as this leads to trampling traditions, shifting attention from the altar, the symbol of the High World, to a specific icon.

The meaning of the word analoj

Analoy - this is a necessary assistant duringworship services. Like thousands of years ago, he stands in the temple, serving as a stand under the icon. And we have the opportunity to apply to them, touching the divine grace.

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