Dream staircase, reality and sleep

Spiritual development

The ability to see dreams is not onlyman, many dog ​​owners will tell a lot of stories about a sleeping dog, jerking his legs and even barking in a state of sleep. But only a person is endowed with intuition, capable of anticipating events, and such a dream where an action or object appears constantly, as well as very real and eventful dreams for sure testify that it is not a dream that is dreaming. Since ancient times, there are books called "Dream Book", the staircase in them is constantly present, having its own interpretation and meaning.

Only at the very beginning of the 20th century did Freud come up withscientific point of view to such a question as dreams. And only in the forties there arose a science that studies the state of man and his brain in a dream. A well-known postulate about the consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness of the human brain is directly related to the area of ​​sleep. For only in a dream state does he see facts and events emerging from the depths of the subconscious. Sleep is now qualified by science as a physical phenomenon. Knowledge of how and why a person sees dreams will give the right direction in their interpretation, and when reading a book a dream book, the ladder in them will be interpreted correctly.

Feelings and dreams

A person often sees dreams, where, it would seem, notconnected with each other people and events, objects, appear before us in a clearly clear picture of the dream. A dream, like pieces of a mosaic, "pulls" to the surface various events and facts, which in reality we do not find use and forget about them. If a person remembered their dreams, much of his life would become clearer and his actions would be much more conscious and correct. Interpretation and understanding of dreams, reading a book dream book, a ladder passed in a dream, would indicate the way in reality, in life - more clearly and clearly.

Sleep and meditation contribute to the radiation of the headthe brain of the same waves - scientists called them alpha waves. When a person is awake, his brain emits beta waves. If you quickly move from the alpha state to another, it can cause a sense of falling. For sure, everyone will remember a sharp jolt and awakening from this sensation in the period of falling asleep.

In a dream, a person passes through several phases of the stateorganism, each of which is very important for the activity of the brain. So much so that if you deprive him of the phase of fast sleep, he may well stop being normal and mentally healthy. The brain can be compared with a fragmented disk, when the state of sleep helps restore "clogged" and scattered clusters. Human activity, both emotional and physical, contributes to the well-being of a person, speeding up the production of endorphins.

Interpretation of dreams

Directly the ladder in dreams speaks ofsensations and states of a person's soul, his worldview. If one dreams that a person is somewhere high and he is afraid to climb down the stairs, this means that the person's soul is full of anxiety, he is anxious and can not really assess the reality. Fear prevents a sober assessment of the situation. He needs to try to calmly look at things and his life, streamline it, develop spiritually, often pay attention to the needs of surrounding people, especially loved ones.

When it's a dream that you are going up, then a dream book,the ladder upwards in which dominates in visions, treats it as the upcoming increase, the development of one's abilities, intuition and mind. So, in life, soon there will be events that will lead to success. It is important to be more attentive during this period of life. Try not to miss a lucky chance. Successful wind of success will fill the sails.

If a young man sees a dream with a ladder, then hecan mean success in love affairs. When a person longs for the location of a girl (or a guy's girlfriend), then in a dream climb up the stairs the dream book treats as luck in love affairs. In any case, fate has prepared a gift, if the dream speaks of a rise up the stairs, then it must happen in life, in personal affairs or in a career. The wind of success and prosperity should fill your sails.

If you dream that you avoid being imprisoned withstairs, then this dream speaks of caution in business, as it is necessary to visit a dangerous situation. When you go upstairs on a very steep staircase, also exercise caution and caution. Listen to your dreams and they will not let you down.

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