Eugene: the day of the angel according to the church calendar

Spiritual development

The name Eugene, whose Angel Day falls ondifferent days of the year, is beautiful and popular among Russian people. If you call your son that way, do not forget to look at the saints when the baby has a name day.

Eugene day of the angel

Tradition of celebration

In Russia, the day of the Angel of Man has always been celebrated withon a special scale. The whole family prepared for this event in advance: they baked pies, cooked mead, made gifts. In the evening, the birthday boy went to church for confession, and in the morning, whenever possible, communed, he was necessarily attached to the icon of his divine patron, put candles in front of her and other images of saints, and then went home. All the relatives already waited for him there. To the festive table were invited godparents, friends, acquaintances - all who knew and loved the originator of the celebration.

Saints officially recognized as Orthodoxchurch, more than two thousand. People often do not know when to answer their Angel's day, because many of the saints of God have the same names. In this case, it must be remembered that the patron is always one, and there may be several days of memory for him. For example, the celebration of the acquisition of relics, the day of glorification in the saints' face, etc. It is necessary to navigate by the date of your birthday and look for God's servant, whose memory stands next to or after this event. Thus, Eugene, whose Angel Day is numbered by number many times a year, should know when the church celebrates the memory of his saint.

Eugene Name Day of the Angel

How is Angel Day related to the choice of a name for the child?

Believers try to give such a baptismthe name of the child that is in the orthodox svyatsam. In Russia this rite was performed on the eighth day after the birth of the baby. He could receive the name in honor of that saint, whose memory the church honors on the day of the child's baptism. In another case, parents have already chosen the heavenly patron of their crumbs, and God's saint will not necessarily be remembered on this day. Celebration of the saint can be, for example, in a month. Let's say that little Eugene, whose Angel day, judging by the number of saints of God, can be practically all year round, just as surely will not be deprived of the heavenly patron.

Of course, at present young parents cangive any name you like to your child (sometimes it is not even in the saints). Children are named after grandparents, close relatives and best friends. However, just now the Orthodox Old Russian names are coming into fashion, which give babies in honor of saints that they have strong patrons. The name Eugene, whose Angel day is almost every month of the year (according to the number of saints), in our time is also quite popular.

Day of the angel named Eugenius

Origin of the name and its characteristics

Many people try to always celebrate the dayAngel of the name. Eugene from Greek translates as "noble". Since childhood, the boy is industrious, but if there is an obstacle in his way, he may get scared and not finish what he started. An adult youth is often helped by the inherent stubbornness and desire to achieve his goal at any cost. Growing up, Eugene becomes nice in communication and a good-natured person. His excessive fervor can inspire others to do any deeds, often a talented organizer. His intuition is on top.

Sometimes Zhenya is very picky about others, but thiscan be explained by the fact that he is demanding of himself. In science and technology, he will not be equal, but it is difficult for Eugene to concentrate his attention on one thing for a long time. He likes the feeling of adrenaline in the blood, so Zhenya often runs the risk of not thinking about the consequences. He is of a light temper. In this whole Eugene, whose Angel day can serve as an excellent occasion for friendly gatherings with friends. Zhenya easily falls in love and seeks in women more care and warmth, rather than external beauty. Evgeni rarely goes to conflicts and basically prefers preserving peace in the family. He is loved by young children.

Day of the Angel of Eugene

Dates of celebration

When does Angela Eugene celebrate her day, what number? In fact, there are many saints with this name. We list some of them:

  • Eugene of Trapezunda was tormented for Christ (February 3).
  • Evgeniy Bifinsky refers to the Reverend (February 25).
  • Eugene of Antioch (Moorish) was a presbyter, is a holy martyr (March 4).
  • Eugene Chersonesus was in the office of a bishop, also a martyr (March 20).
  • Evgeny Melitinsky died a martyr (November 20).
  • Evgeny Sevastsky was a warrior, he was tortured during the persecution of Christians (December 26).

Thus, parents can give the child a name Eugene, a name day, whose Angel day falls mainly in the fall and winter.

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