What the dream book tells. The former guy comes in a dream? Understand the past mistakes.

Spiritual development

A man spends a third of his life in a dream, withhis brain continues to work, analyzing not only signals coming from outside, but also our feelings, emotions, experiences. Parting, whatever it is, always leaves a mark on the soul. It seems that everything is over. You already have a new relationship, and you try not to remember the past relationship in the afternoon, but they continue to disturb you at night.

Here is what Sigmund Freud says about this situation,rather, they made a dream book. A former guy or spouse, with whom the woman broke up, dreams of a quarrel with her current lover. Agree, in logic, this reasoning can not be denied. If a woman is not too smart, and her current man is too jealous, such a scenario actually takes place.

Warlock and magician Yuri Longo leads his ownthe interpretation of such a dream. By the way, it has nothing to do with magic. Rather, it is a superficial psychological analysis of the situation. If you believe the interpretation of the dream given to Longo, the former spouse or lover is dreamed of a woman in case she pays too much attention to her past. The correctness of this conclusion, too, can not be doubted.

It happens that a warm feeling for a former partnerthe woman survived after parting. In this case, there is nothing surprising in that the former appears from time to time in her dreams. If the gap was painful, perhaps the resentment of this man still lives in the secret corners of the soul and makes itself felt in the night visions. In this case, it is better to deal with your own past, in order to begin to live in the present.

Another option - parting the pair was sudden.The last words are not said, but the final point is not set. That's the subconsciousness of the incomplete situation that is rolling over and over again. Such persistent memories say only one thing: it is very important for you to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. Perhaps it makes sense to just talk with your ex, so that there is no unsaidness between you. If there is no desire or opportunity for the former, use the "transparent sleep" technique to manage the situation, so to speak, from within.

Did you part with your former quarrel?Perfectly aware that it is only your faulty nature that is to blame for this, but pride does not allow you to call first? Then a dream about a former boyfriend or wife is an occasion to seriously reflect on your behavior and relationships with this person. Very often such dreams are prophetic and you are destined to be together.

Psychologists say that people's dreams reflecthis personal experiences, impressions, occurring events. But apart from logical explanations, it is not superfluous to recall the symbolic meaning of our dreams.

Do you often see your ex in a dream?It's time to look into the dream book. A former guy or spouse who reminded of himself in a dream can mean a major change in your life or his. Especially if the former lover comes to you in a dream in an unusual shape.

This is what the meaning of the symbols suggests to usesoteric dream book: a former boyfriend or ex-husband often dreams of women who are eager to get revenge for their broken heart. Imagination simulates a suitable situation and displays it in a dream. Scenario meeting with his former lover can look like this: you are in a chic dress, get out of a limousine and face it. The former does not look too good: unhealthy appearance, worn out clothing. Perhaps, such dreams have visited you and in reality, and the subconscious has simply embodied them in a dream.
As the dream book advises:dreams of a former guy, pay attention to the very situation. The hot clarification of relations in a dream indicates that feelings for this person have not cooled down yet. Kisses and mutual caresses - the evidence that you do not mind renewing the relationship.

I must say that among the interpretations of this dreamare very funny. That's what the English dream book tells us: the former guy dreams at night - be wary of witchcraft. Modern man, of course, from such superstitions is very far.

If you believe people's signs, a person whoyou are dreaming, certainly thinking about you. Perhaps this is the most pleasant interpretation of sleep. After all, the fact that a once close man has not forgotten you yet can not but rejoice. Whatever the dream book said, a former young man who reminded himself of a dream, is an excellent excuse to call and inquire about his affairs. Yet you are not outsiders and you can quite maintain friendly relations.

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