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Spiritual development

Divination by fate is of interest to many girls. Some of them are engaged in the study of numerology, while others like maps. Divination, connected with the figures, will indicate which planet will accompany you in the near future and what energy potential it bears. This possibility is due to the fact that each of them is "tied" to a specific number. In this article I will talk about the popular fortune-telling "Hundred".

Fortunetelling hundred
First, take the paper in a box, handle and make the full name of the man. For example, Innocent.

Guessing "Hundred" involves the use of numbers. Write down any numbers from 1 to 9 except 0 in a row, not missing a single cell. The number of digits in each row should be equal. The length of the series is determined at your discretion. After writing 99 digits, write down the date of the day you were guessing (only without zeros). For example, on May 21, 2013 will look like 215213.

When everything is completed, delete two identicalnumbers in the vertical and horizontally. The numbers that are near and add up to 10, too. Guessing "Hundred" has the second option. According to its rules, already struck out figures are also deleted. Let's guess so.

Guessing 100
When all have crossed out, re-write the remaining numbers. The number of numbers in each row must correspond to the number of letters in the name of the man.

After that, we continue the process of deletion.

The final stage is the calculation of the remaining figures.

Fortunetelling "Hundred" has the following interpretations:

  • 1 - you are lonely in the future;
  • 2 - stay with him;
  • 3 - there is another woman;
  • 4 - a man loves you;
  • 5 - he adores you;
  • 6 - this man loves another woman;
  • 7 - is jealous of others;
  • 8 - it leads to you;
  • 9 - waiting for separation from him;
  • 10 - get a letter from him;
  • 11 - meet with him;
  • 12 - waiting for a conversation with him;
  • 13 - in the future, a wedding will take place with this person;
  • 14 - this man loves you;
  • 15 - he is bored;
  • 16 - you do not need him anymore.

Divination cards

If you want to know what is waiting for you on weekends or on the day of passing the exam, try to guess for a certain day.

To do this, only a sheet from the notebook incell. It will need to write your name, full name and patronymic, as well as the date you want to repay, and the time of day that interests you. For example, evening. All this needs to be written in line, but if the letter that has already been found falls, write it under the same letter in the column. After that, we begin to cross out 2 letters in each column, and the remaining ones will have to be counted. If the result is a two-digit number, then it is necessary to bring it to a one-digit number. For example, if there are 12 letters left, then 1 is to be added from 2. Let's get 3. We begin to interpret the divination on a certain day.

  • 0 is an incomprehensible result;
  • 1 - unexpected joy;
  • 2 - something will upset you;
  • 3 - go on the road;
  • 4 - wait for some news;
  • 5 - you will like someone;
  • 6 - waiting for the meeting;
  • 7 - you are sad;
  • 8 - meet love;
  • 9 - expect treason.

Do not be lazy to take a sheet and a pen to checkguessing "100" on yourself. With it, you can easily find out how you feel about who you are not indifferent to. Guessing for a certain day will help to prepare mentally for a very important event. In addition, finding out your future is very interesting and entertaining! You can not doubt this. I wish you a merry pastime and good luck!

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