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Namedays are an important holiday for everyoneOrthodox believer. It is similar to the birthday, because it is associated with baptism - a spiritual birth into eternal life according to the teaching of the church. When a person passes this rite, they call him by some name, necessarily in honor of this or that saint. From this moment on, the newly baptized has in the person of this saint a divine heavenly patron with whom he will be spiritually connected throughout his life. Therefore, an unbaptized person, in general, does not have the right to celebrate his name day, because he has his name without reference to the personality of the heavenly patron.

For those who are initiated in the Epiphanyfonts, the name and patron are chosen by the parents (if they baptize the baby), or the person himself. The day in which the church calendar honors the memory of the chosen saint, and becomes the day of the name-day. In the event that someone was baptized as a child, but there were no records and memories of which of the saints was chosen as the patron of the person being baptized, the saint is defined as follows: the saints are taken and calculated, the day of the memory of one of the saints with the same name closest to him birthday. He is the patron. In the same way, when a person at the time of baptism chooses a name, but does not know which of the saints to prefer. In all other cases, the patron can be chosen irrespective of the date of birth, based only on intuition and a sense of special spiritual connection and sympathy. Calendar it can be any day.

Romana, whose name day can beone of ten months of the year, is waiting for a fairly wide selection in this regard. Of course, after the choice is made, it can no longer be changed. Below, we give the main list of dates that Romana's name-day falls on.

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On the 13th of June, Roman's name-days are named after the martyr of the same name, who suffered for the faith in Christ. It was in a place called Nicomedia.


On the day of August 1, celebrations are held for those whohas its patron Saint Prince Roman of Ryazan, glorified as a martyr for his faith in Christ. He was tortured and killed at the court of the khan on charges of blaspheming the pagan faith of the Tatar ruler. This was done on the slanderous denunciation of the khan's collectors of taxes, from the arbitrariness of which Prince Roman defended his subjects.


September 8 - confessor Roman. Name day Orthodox believers with the name Roman on this day are celebrated in honor of the holy confessor, who went to the Lord in 1937, after many years of repression by the Soviet government. During his lifetime, he was a priest, and shortly before his death he also took monasticism with the name Joseph.

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October 14 - Roman the Sweetheart. During his lifetime he served as a deacon in Constantinople.


November 13, Romanov's birthday is celebrated, whose life, however, is unknown. There are plenty of such cases in church history.


December 1 - Romanina's name-day, named after the holy martyr of Caesarea (executed by pagans at the beginning of the fourth century for preaching the Gospel).


January 18 is the memory of Roman the Hieromartyr. It is only known about him that he took a martyr's end for the preaching work.

The same day the memory of the eponymousthe martyr, who died at the end of the seventeenth century. During his lifetime, he was one of the monks on Mount Athos. Once in Constantinople, he was forced by Muslims to accept Islam. For a determined refusal to do so, he was killed.

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On February 11, the church recalls the martyr Roman from the city of Samosata. He was killed there by pagans during the persecution of Christians by the Emperor Diocletian at the end of the third century.


On March 2, a reverend student of St. Theodosius the Bulgarian is remembered. When the teacher died in the monastery founded by him, the Monk Roman became his rector, in the rank of which he finished his life.


On May 15, the day of the memory of the saint is celebratedPrince Roman (Boris), a faithful martyr. He was the brother of Prince Hlib, the son of the Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir Krasnoe Solnyshko. I suffered in Rostov from the killers sent by order of his other brother - Svyatopolk. Together with Prince Gleb they are considered the first Russian saints.

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