New Year's mysticism: divination at home

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Many believe that night on New Year's Eveis a bit mystical that the veil between the two worlds - ours and the other world - is opened and there is an opportunity to know what to expect in the future. This opinion was the reason why New Year's fortune-telling at home is so popular now. Even if there is no faith in the results of such things at all, divination at home can diversify the party dedicated to the holiday.

There are many different waysthe engagement on New Year's Eve. One of the most common are fortune-telling at home to fulfill desires. The reason for this popularity is obvious - certainly, every person in the world is hungry for the fulfillment of everything conceived, and the earlier, the better. This is especially true of the most cherished dreams. To make a wish come true in the coming year, it is considered that you should write it on a small piece of paper and set it on fire with the first blow of the chiming clock. If by the end of the fight the scrap of paper has time to burn to the ground, then the desire will be fulfilled, and if it does not have time or completely decays, you can try it next time.

Divination at home can be carried out andotherwise. On twelve small sheets, one should write the desires, the fulfillment of which is most expected in the coming year. Going to bed on New Year's Eve, it is necessary to put these notes under the pillow, and the next morning you first need to get three pieces of paper at random. It is believed that the desires written on them must necessarily be fulfilled. In the same way, you can rekindle your tutelage, but instead of wanting to write the names of the opposite sex. The name that appears on the first cut-out leaf must match the name of the pair determined by the fate.

Home guessing also happens to othersconcepts. For example, on the amount of something. An even number will mean consent, an odd number - respectively, disagreement. One of these predictions uses a glass of water and a ring. With the first blow of the clock, you should throw the ring in the water and count the number of formed circles, which will show whether the conceived is fulfilled or not. You can also take a filled with cereal, better rice, capacity, put your hand on top and make a wish or ask a question with the possibility of a negative or positive answer. Then you need to take out a handful of cereals and count the grains. Even their number indicates a positive result, and an odd one about a negative result.

Pretty common among modernlovers of all the unknown and mystical are divination at home to determine the future. As a rule, such intrigues presume the fulfillment of all actions alone with oneself, but this is not an obligatory condition. You can try to determine the future with a chain. It should be picked up and slightly heated, rubbing between the palms. Then you need to take it in your right hand, quickly shake it and throw it abruptly onto the surface of the table. Depending on what form the chain takes, you can judge the upcoming events. For example, a straight line indicates a successful year, and the circle, on the contrary, promises a difficult period, saturated with complex situations. Also about the troubles the knot, more likely connected with the big financial problems or illnesses testifies. Triangle, oddly enough, foreshadows the success in all endeavors, and especially in love. The snake speaks of betrayal, the bow - about the imminent marriage, and the heart - about the love of an approximate person.

If in the New Year for some reason notthere was time for guessing, then it's not necessary to get upset. There are a lot of different ways of divination and other holidays, so that anyone can try to find out about their future, destined by fate.

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