Who comes to whom on a horoscope, and whether it is possible to believe predictions?

Spiritual development

It has long been assumed that the very basisastrology is rooted in Dvurech (Mesopotamia, the basin of the Euphrates and the Tigris). The time of occurrence is still being built purely on the assumptions. The most plausible is the conjecture that the beginning of astrological forecasts was associated with three consecutive lunar eclipses, after which the power always changed. Also one of the versions says that astrology originated in Ancient China. There are reports of two executed astrologers who could not predict a solar eclipse.

who approaches to whom on a horoscope
What of this is true, we probably do not learn inin the nearest future. Nevertheless, astrology is still popular. After all, people do not cease to be interested in what will happen to them in the future, who approaches whom by the horoscope and so on.

It is necessary to agree that the compatibility of peoplesomehow connected with the Cosmos. After all, such a global education can not have levers of influence on people. Therefore, one can foresee how the changes in the stellar sky will affect certain people, or tell who approaches whom by the horoscope. For these purposes, a huge number of methods have been developed. One such means is the horoscope of compatibility on the sign of the zodiac.

As practice shows, this is one of the mostclear, correct and, most importantly, quick ways to find out who is right for a horoscope. To do this, it is enough to simply know the date of your birth and the date of birth of the partner. With this horoscope, you can determine how well you approach each other in a sexual, social and emotional way. It is also possible to qualitatively determine the possibility of good and equal relations in marriage.

horoscope for zodiac sign

To determine who is suitable for a horoscope,Several parameters are used, which are characterized by uniqueness for each particular sign of the zodiac. Here, flaws and advantages, positive and negative character traits, weaknesses and strengths of each of the signs of the zodiac are assessed. The result is a psychological picture of the possibility of coexistence.

Also, many people are interested in the compatibility horoscope for the year (Chinese). It is believed that this horoscope absorbed all the wisdom of Ancient China and not only

horoscope compatibility year
it, and the whole East as a whole. The legend says that the Buddha himself made it, guided by the directions of the Heavenly Emperor. With its help, one can characterize the human organization, abilities and inclinations, knowing only the year of birth. Therefore, it can also be used to determine who is eligible for a horoscope. In some cases, he is much more accurate than his zodiac counterpart.

But remember: what is said in compatibility horoscopes is not an immutable truth. After all, each person in his own way is unique and multifaceted. Therefore, a horoscope can be considered only as a recommendation, and not as a guide to action. The most important thing in love is a desire to be together and a common desire for a calm, measured and happy life together. And it certainly does not depend on the stars!

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