A stone tourmaline. Properties of mineral

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stone tourmaline properties

A stone tourmaline. Properties and features

This gem is considered to be one of thebeautiful stones. It was called "Caesar's ruby". It is a complex mineral of the silicate group. Thanks to the compounds of magnesium, aluminum, manganese and boron, it has a large palette of colors and shades. Sherl - the ancient name of tourmaline. The emperors decorated their crown, expanded their clothes, and also used for inlaying caskets, church crosses, cups and other similar attributes. In Russia, minerals were imported from the East and India in the 16th century and immediately took root and fell in love. A red mineral is especially popular, but not

pink tourmaline
less beautiful and pink tourmaline with lilacoutflow. Later, the stone was also mined in the Ural mountains. Then the use became more massive. What did they not make of it: rings, brooches, figurines, snuffboxes, necklaces and so on. Nowadays, large and transparent stones are used for making piece jewelry, and such beauty is not cheap at all.

A stone tourmaline. A photo.

stone tourmaline pictures

This gemstone differs in color. A red-pink variety is called rubellite. And the rich-green tourmalines were christened by verdelites. In color they are similar to emeralds. The most interesting mineral - a water-melon color, having a red-green tint called "watermelon". Dark blue is indigo, similar to sapphire. Transparent stone is called achroit. Canary is bright yellow. Dravit is a brown tourmaline. Cherry - siberite, black - sherle. And the most rare and expensive (blue with neon tide) is called paraiba. Gems can change color depending on the angle of refraction of light.

A stone tourmaline. Properties of gems in medicine

tourmaline green

The healing properties of this handsome man are innumerable. The stone improves sleep, improves immunity, improves the state of the endocrine system. A sherl is even able to positively influence the treatment of cancer, in addition, the black mineral treats neurotic disorders. Green also acts soothing to the nervous system. Pink and red tourmalins have a positive effect on the circulatory system, which improves skin color and stimulates metabolic processes in the body. It is recommended to wear tourmaline while strengthening the potency and sexual function.

A stone tourmaline. Properties

Red and pink tourmaline - a talisman to enhancepotency, natural aphrodisiac. Gives the owner an attraction for the opposite sex, makes him noticeable and sexy. Attracts love, and mutual. Green helps to gain material benefits and, on the contrary, cools feelings, reduces excessive activity. Red, green and watermelon tourmalines are talismans for creative people, give inspiration, develop and help to achieve recognition. Transparent is suitable for successful business, and the happiest are colored gems. The blue representative bears pacification and wisdom. Sherlock protects against black magic: spoilage, evil eye, poltergeist, strengthens the aura, helps to repel an energy attack or attack itself, in connection with which the stone has gained "bad" fame.

A stone tourmaline. Properties and the horoscope of the gem


Green tourmaline is recommended for Capricorn forpurposefulness and bringing it to completion. Clears their mind and concentrates, drawing attention to detail. Red mineral reveals the ability of fire signs - Leo and Aries. The blue stone helps to achieve the success of Sagittarius and Aquarius. Unbalanced Libra, striving for peace, tourmaline bears harmony and purification of mind. But Virgos astrologers do not advise to wear a stone. Scorpions fit a black stone.

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