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Spiritual development

In fact, personally, I do not recall that to methe horse imagined in a dream. But I was repeatedly asked about the meaning of this symbol. So let's get acquainted with the interpretation of different dream books. And in principle, I know that if you dream of a horse, then this is fortunately and wealth. At the same time, the value of this horse has value. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and come to the analysis of this issue in a modest, without excessive haste.

As you know, there are a lot of dream books. Therefore, I apologize to the fans and users of those sources that I have not mentioned. After all, many can know about many things, but is there anyone who knows everything in the world? In addition to the Lord God, I think that such personalities do not exist. But, do not worry. Studying esoteric literature for many years, I came to the conclusion that many things are repeated in different sources of information. With sonnics, the situation is exactly the same, therefore, after reading to the end, you will learn a lot about what the horses are dreaming about.

So, we begin with the reference to the noble dream bookGrishina. It says that the dream horse, in principle, symbolizes the most diverse aspects of our life. Hence, interpreting such dreams, we need to pay attention to the secondary moments of this dream.

What is the dream of a horse, more precisely a horse or horsebeautiful look, whose color is not black? Oh, that's just a great sign! Coming happiness and comfort in sorrows and passions. But, if you see that this is not a beautiful horse, but an old mare, a nag in general, it's not good. So you will face slander.

And what does the horses look like? Such a stallion foretells the hard work, and even the enemy in the bargain. The horse under the saddle also bothers you. As you can see, the further, the more interesting. Let's go further. Wow! You do not communicate with the other world by chance, dear readers? The fact is that in this case, according to the noble dream book, horses in your dreams can be symbols of incubi and succubi. If you do not even know what these phenomena are, then maybe you should not find out.

Next horse on this dream book againsymbolizes some kind of lie. At the same time it is specified that if she tries to kick you or even bite you, then it is someone who is plotting evil against you. Wants to use lies against you.

Why do white horses dream?That's the question in the top ten! The white horse dreams of good. There will be joy to you and well-being, incomes will increase. You will also experience a clear recovery of your spiritual forces, and in general, with spiritual growth everything will be in perfect order.

Here, by the way, to wealth, happiness is dreaming and horsesbrown, and also tricolor. Why dream horses red? That's better if you did not ask, but, as the saying goes: "He who is forewarned is armed!" The red horse - to doubts and all kinds of suspicions, as well as to binges.

Maybe we'll find out what the horses look like, in the opinion ofcomposers of other dream books? Here, according to the dream of Shereminsky, the horse is associated with fate. Our attention is again sharpened on the suit of horses. Victory will come to you if you harness the stallion in a dream, and hopes will come true if you mount. But if you slazite from the horse, it's to the losses. The situation will be lost, in particular.

That's who loves horses, so these are gypsies.I am sure that the Roma dream book will not disappoint us. So, what do the horses dream about in the Roma dream book? Towards luck is dreaming! And to success and full prosperity. Both the black horse and the brown sign for you gain power, a high position in society. Sitting on a horse - the work will be rewarded, and if you shoe it - you will rest. Also, according to this dream book, the stallion is a symbol of sexual energy, strength. Mare - sexual satisfaction.

According to the modern dream book, if you are in a dream yourselfyou see on horseback riding, then luck will be favorable to you, and passion is satisfied. Also I wish you happiness, luck and satisfaction in all spheres of life! Let your dreams come true, foreshadowing only good events!

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