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What name should I choose for a girl? For many parents, the main criterion is uniqueness. But do not forget that it should have a decent characteristic and be euphonious. There are many such names. One of them is Theona.

Meaning of the name

the meaning of the name
Teons are often referred to as girls in Georgia. Due to the popularity of the name, one often meets the claim that this country is his homeland. In fact, the name of Theon origin is Greek. At first it was male, Theon. But later there was a female version - Teona. The meaning of the name, according to one of the versions, is to be found in the word theonos - "divine wisdom, divine understanding, thought of God." Another version says that Theon was the result of a merger of two words: theos and fanes ("gods" and "phenomenon"). The third version of the translation of the name sounds like "goddess, divine." If you look at all the interpretations, the meaning that Teona bears in itself becomes obvious. The meaning of the name is inseparably connected with God.


The possessor of this name (Christian version- Feona) very sociable, friendly. It is always surrounded by a large number of friends and acquaintances. She does not like and does not know what loneliness is. He values ​​honesty, decency, openness in people. With a selfish, hypocritical, deceitful person, the owner of this name will not communicate. Can even defiantly turn away and get away from an unpleasant interlocutor.

This girl does not like quarrels. She is very accommodating, it is difficult to quarrel with her. An unpleasant situation tries to smooth out immediately and prevent scandals. If the conflict can not be avoided, it seeks a compromise that both warring parties will arrange, or simply escapes from the scandal. And it acts gently, unobtrusively.

Friends and friends Theons value this quality in it and are often invited to resolve the disputed situation. It turns out to be a beautiful independent referee.


the name of the theon origin
Theona is a creative person. She is able to build a career, doing what she likes. However, for success, she may lack the sense of purpose, perseverance. You should learn to focus on one thing, and not to be scattered over trifles. If Teona tries, she will achieve good results, make her life comfortable and financially independent. Creativity is the best career path for a man like Theon.

The meaning of the name should not be underestimated. It carries a secret meaning. Knowing it, you can better understand another person or yourself.


This name is given to some famous women. This is Teona Dolnikov, Theon Contidze, Theon Kumsiashvili.

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