Marcel: the meaning of the name (three versions)

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Marcel significance of the name

Marcel - this is a beautiful name with roots from a distantof the past. In our country it came from France, where it was especially popular in the 20-30s of the last century, and also at the end of the XIX century. In modern France, babies are rarely called so, rather, it can give the child as a second name. According to the Catholic calendar, the day of the name Marcel is celebrated on January 16. It is interesting that in France this name is also given to girls. The female name of Marcel is pronounced in the same way as the male name, but is written differently - Marcelle. The Marseille girls' day is celebrated on January 31st.

The name Marcel in Russia

Before the revolution in Russia, this name is hardlywas used, since it was not included in the church idolatry (The Saints). After the revolution, it gradually became common. His role was played by the famous owners of this name, such as the French writer Marcel Proust (pictured in the photo). Today in Russia the name Marseille is not very popular, although it retained some romantic coloring and euphony. The future will show whether this name will ever again become popular or whether it is destined to become rare.

The meaning of the name Marseille
Roman roots

The meaning of the name Marseilles, apparently, is neededlook at its root - "Mars". The ancient Romans worshiped Mars as the god of war. In the name of Marcus (Marcus) began to call the boys in honor of this god. Then there was also the name Marcello, as diminished from Marko. Finally, in France it was transformed into Marseilles. The meaning of the name "Mark" and "Marcello" is the same as the name Marcel, because they all have the same root.

Revolutionary version

There is another version of the origin of the nameMarseilles. The meaning of the name, perhaps, is connected with the city in the South of France under the name Marseille (Marseille - in French, pronounced "Marsay"). During the Great French Revolution, the inhabitants of the city took the side of the Republicans and, allegedly after this, the French began to call the children named Marseille. The meaning of a name can also have Arabic roots. Some sources indicate that in Arabic "Marseilles" means "praising God." However, this version is inaccurate and requires verification in the lists of Arabic names. Incidentally, it should be noted that in these days in countries such as Austria, Holland, England and Slovenia this name is perhaps even more popular than in France. In Poland, it occupies the 18th place in the list of the most popular names. Probably, it came to this country through the Catholic name.

First name Marseille
How does the name Marcel affect a person?

Little Marcels are usually quite meekcreatures, real angels. It is a soft, sympathetic child, always ready to help. However, with age, Marseilles change, they develop a real masculine character. Diligence, activity, perseverance in achieving their goals, but also romantic, capriciousness - these are all qualities of a person named Marcel. The meaning of the name (the god of war is Mars) also makes itself felt on a subconscious level, and Marcel acquires such character traits as masculinity, determination and even militancy. But Marcels can also be proud and arrogant, they are not always easy, although interesting.

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