Why are the rings: engagement rings, rings, seals?

Spiritual development

It is very important, when deciding what the rings are for,understand what kind of relationship or circumstances are involved. Although if you put together all the stories of night visions, it's easy to determine. In addition, dreams of the rings in different ways are deciphered for men and women. Let's look at those stories that

what does the ring
are more common.

What are the rings for women

For a beautiful lady to receive a ring as a gift -to offer hands and hearts. Even if she is already married, it does not mean anything. The ring, which came in a dream, indicates that the woman has a passionate admirer, who is already ready to reveal herself to her in her feelings. If it's a dream that hands are lined with precious rings, it means that the lady will be surrounded by the care of relatives. The husband will please her with gifts, anticipating all her desires, and children - by exemplary behavior. Find a ring - you will need help. Do not be sad. You have a loyal friend who is just waiting for a hint that you are in cramped circumstances. He will certainly support you. If the ring presses on the finger, then you are tired of some relationship, from which you try to get rid of. A broken ring is for parting with a friend, a break in relations. Why dream of wearing a ring on a finger? Independently - you can arrange for yourself a good man, who will turn into your faithful friend. A man puts on a gift. If a woman puts a ring on your finger - to a strong friendship.

What are the rings for men?

what is the dream of wearing a ring

Find a ring - to open new perspectives inbusiness sphere. Perhaps, for the development of business and transfer it to a new level, you have to add to your shoulders new obligations. A broken ring - a friend will let you down without supporting at the most acute moment. We chose a beautiful ornament in the dream on the pen of your beloved - you will experience a unique period filled with romance. The ring-seal on your finger causes discomfort - there is a possibility that you will not cope with your duties. Get the decoration as a gift - for a friendly relationship. The person who gave you a present, regardless of gender, will be your devoted friend.

What are the rings for the girls (and unmarried ladies)

Gave a loved one - wait for suggestions. The stranger gave you such a present - an acquaintance is expected, which can develop into closer relations. At the same time he will be a very good person, to doubt his moral qualities to anything. Dreams - to try on a ring, then you are too picky when choosing knights. Go down from heaven to earth. Otherwise

what is the idea of ​​trying on a ring
your lot will be loneliness and envy.

What is the wedding ring about?

The family dream treats him as a sign of marriage. As you dreamed of an engagement ring, in this state your relationship. If it is broken - to a divorce (both a man and a woman). If it is seen to you as something strange, not like in life, then something escapes your attention. You think that the husband is loyal to you, but in fact he began to slowly move away. Your family happiness is at stake! If you look at the modest gold strip that the husband put on your finger during the wedding, and she turns out to be decorated with diamonds - wait for a charming surprise from your beloved.

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