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In recent years, increasing popularityacquires the Hebrew name Matvey, which until then was common only in the monastic life of the Orthodox Church. Now many lay people wear it. In this article, we'll talk about when and in honor of whom celebrate the birthday of Matvei on the church calendar.

Name Day Matvei

What you need to know about birthday parties

Name days are not just a holiday of a name. This is the day of the memory of the patron saint, in whose honor the person is baptized (and not just called). Therefore, the prerogative to celebrate this holiday is only for baptized people. Another name for it is the day of the angel.

The day of the angel is chosen at the same time when thea saint in whose honor a person wants to be baptized. In the case of infant baptism, parents do it for him. If later the name of the saint is forgotten, then once it is allowed to choose a patron again. They can become any canonized in the face of the holy namesake of man. If the person himself can not decide, then the procedure for the formal calculation of the holy patron can help him. For this purpose, the day of the memory of the holy namesake of a man is sought in the saints, which would be as close as possible to the day of his birth. He has been his patron since that moment, and the day of his general church memory is a personal holiday of the name-day.

Below we will talk about the saints, in whose honorcelebrate the birthday of Matvei. Perhaps, in fact, they are much more than we can imagine in this article, but still no one has been able to collect all the names of saints in the past two thousand years. Another point - in the church tradition the name Matvey sounds like "Matthew" or "Matthias". And the name day of Matvei, this is their name day.

Name Day of the Matvey in the church calendar

18 January. Martyr Matthew (Gusev)

This martyr was born in 1886 in the Moscowprovince. During his lifetime he was a peasant, he had a family. In the church he served as a member of the church council of his parish. On charges of anti-Soviet activities was sentenced in 1937 to ten years of correctional camps. But a year later he died from difficult conditions. Glorified in 2006.

13 October. The Martyr Matthew (Soloviev)

October 13 celebrates the name day Matvey, the day of the angelwhich is timed to the memory of this martyr. He was born in 1868 in the Tver province. He served in the army, and then in the police. After the Revolution, he settled in his native village, where he started farming. Parallel visited the church and in 1929 was elected as chairman of the church council of the parish of one of the villages. In 1937 he was accused of anti-Soviet propaganda, for which he was subsequently shot. Glorified in 2003.

29th of November. The Apostle Matthew

The Day of Matthew the Apostle - the most popular dayangel for Matveyev. According to legend, he was the brother of the apostle James Alfeev. Originated from Capernaum - a town in the Galilee and served as a tax collector in favor of Rome. Hearing the call of Christ, he followed. What happened to him after the crucifixion of Christ, nothing is known. According to different versions, he was tortured in Ethiopia or Asia Minor about 60 years. He is also attributed to the first of the canonical New Testament gospels, which, incidentally, is very arbitrary.

27 August. The PriestMartyr Matthew (Pomerantsev)

In honor of this saint since 2000 alsocelebrate the birthday of Matvei, because it was then that he was canonized. In the world he was called Michael, and he died in the rank of archimandrite. He was born in 1881. He was a graduate of the Kiev Academy. The last appointment is the post of rector of the Permological Seminary. It was cut by sabers on a train in 1918.

Day of Matvey

November 25. The PriestMartyr Matthew (Aloin)

This saint was born in 1879 near Ryazan. There he graduated from the seminary and was ordained a priest. Later he changed several dioceses. Like many others, he was arrested in 1937 and shot for anti-Soviet activities. Canonized in 2004. Names of Matvey in memory of him fall on the day of his execution - November 25.

June 1st. The PriestMartyr Matthew (Ascension)

This holy martyr was one of the Belgorodpriests. He was shot by soldiers of the Red Army in 1919. Name day Matvey in the church calendar falls on the first day of summer. The canonization took place in 2000.

mathew day of the angel

29th of November. Prince and Prelate Matthew of Ethiopia

According to legend, this saint was a pagan rulerEthiopia, who executed the apostle Matthew preached in it. But then he turned to new faith and repented. In baptism in honor of the executed apostle, he took the name of Matthew and renounced his princely authority. When the ruling bishop of Ethiopia, Plato, died, this former prince Matthew was elected to the pulpit.

22 August. The Apostle Matthew

According to the Bible, he was a disciple of Christ and includedin the number of 70 apostles. After the same ascension of Christ by lot, he entered the number of 12 apostles, taking the place of Judas Iscariot. About what happened to him afterwards, there is no reliable information. It is believed that he died martyrically for preaching Christ on the verdict of the Jewish authorities about 63 years.

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