What does the mouse look like? Look through the dream book

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Dreams are a reflection of reality, ourlife experience and past events. But sometimes in our dreams there are images that are not typical, which can not be ignored. Especially curious are dreams in which animals or birds are figured. There is a whole system of interpretation of dreams with their participation. For example, dogs symbolize the circle of friends and relatives, snakes - cunning and betrayal, cats - sexuality, and mice - trouble and trouble. Of course, not every dream is significant, but only that which was remembered and impressed. For example, you dreamed about the usual situation, but one bright detail was remembered. You woke up with a firm conviction that this dream has some meaning. It's time to look into the dream book and find out what the mice, rats, snakes are looking for, and so on.

About the meanings of dreams in which there are dogs or cats, we already wrote. Today came the turn of mice and rats.

Small rodents have long been inflicted on humansa lot of trouble. It happens, the harvest is ruined or the products are spoiled. The invasion of rats in the Middle Ages and presaged the plague epidemic. All this is reflected in the dream books. For example, the hordes of mice in the dream symbolize hunger, starvation and war. Of course, no sane person will seriously take this interpretation seriously, as he perfectly understands that famine and sea are unlikely to happen after he was dreaming of rodents.

Most of the answers to the question of what the mouse looks like are similar in meaning and are based on the habits of this animal. For example, in Ukraine, it is believed that the mice in the house are to thieves.

From the dream book of Nostradamus we learn that mice in a dream mean poverty and ruin.
But if you remember that at that time a horde of mice was quite capable of letting the peasant family around the world, destroying the whole harvest, it becomes clear where this interpretation came from.

This is the answer to the question: "What does the mouse look like?""gives us" Velesov dream book. "The ancient Slavs believed that the mouse would dream of hunger, troubles and losses from relatives.As you can see, each interpretation has a logical explanation: Mice live in a house with a man and are capable of causing a lot of trouble and trouble.

Bats from the Slavs were associated with mysticism and witchcraft. Therefore, their appearance in a dream, according to the dream book of Veles, promises a hidden threat or knowledge of the unknown.

Idiomatic dream in the interpretation of dreamsuses the values ​​of these or other expressions. According to this source, if the mouse is dreamed, this is a sure sign that you are facing minor household chores. A white mouse or rat foreshadows an amazing, unexpected event. A mouse is a nimble little creature that can climb anywhere. Therefore, mice are associated with annoying people who can bring a lot of trouble.

Muslim Dream Book on the question of what it looks likemouse, gives the interpretation is very vague and incomprehensible. According to his interpretation, if in a dream the mice eat food from the table, this heralds a reduction in the life path. Perhaps this interpretation can claim the title of the most reliable, since it is not possible to verify its correctness.

As the modern dream book assures us, mice, many mice mean endless troubles and troubles that will fall on your family.

The most unusual and curious interpretations of the imagethe mouse in a dream is associated with some action. For example, catching mice in a dream means success in business. If the mouse is a white color, this dream foreshadows the appearance of matchmakers in your home. True another dream book warns that after you dreamed about a mouse in a dream, it is not necessary to hurry to the registrar, such a marriage will not last long. Catch the mouse with your hands - to the birth of a girl, and if in a dream you were lucky enough to catch several mice at once - this is a big financial profit.

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