Name Tatyana: origin, meaning, characteristic

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Perhaps, one of the most common female names in Russia is Tatiana. This beautiful name was sung by the greatest poet and glorified by many outstanding people.

name of the Tatiana origin
Among them are talented actresses: Dogilev, Vasilyeva, Okunevskaya, Lavrova. The magnificent trainer Tarasova and the famous artist Yablonskaya. What is the meaning of the name Tatiana? The origin and characteristics of it will try to reveal in this article.

Historical meaning of the name

A significant figure that is associated with this name,is the Tatiana of Rome. She accepted Christianity and was deaconess, helped the poor and cared for sick people. But in those days persecutions of Christians were committed, Tatiana suffered for her faith, she was tortured, and then beheaded. Now this martyr is remembered on January 25.

Name Tatyana - origin

There are two main versions of howthis name has appeared. According to one of them, it came from the Latin name Tatius, so they called the Sabin king. According to another version, the name has ancient Greek roots and in translation means "founder", "appointed".

Characteristics of the name

The name Tatiana, whose origin we are considering, most often belongs to emotional people who will not give themselves offense.

compatibility of the name of Tatiana
As a child, Tanya is a very principled child,stubborn, likes to rule and always strives to become a leader, does not tolerate objections. Very mobile child, in this connection, it gives a lot of trouble to his parents. At school, Tanya is studying well, she has many different interests and hobbies, which depend on her changeable mood, can be engaged in a sports section or a dance club. The adult Tanya does not lose her leadership qualities, but becomes more powerful, even despotic. She always strives to be in sight, get approval and recognition, especially from the male side.

What does the name Tatyana in relations mean?

Tanya is a charming and cheerful girl who lovesbeautifully dress and attract the attention of men, and this is given to her quite easily, because she is a great inventor and started. But in her personal life she often has no luck, it is due to her desire to always be a leader and guide people, including her husband. Therefore, next to her should be a strong-willed, strong and reliable person. A woman with this name is very jealous, but in every way tries to hide it. Stability in relationships comes with age, when Tatyana becomes a mature lady, tolerant and wise.

The meaning of a name in family life

Tanya with relatives can be strict, canflare up and even shout at the household. But this does not prevent her from being an excellent hostess, likes to arrange a house rearrangement or start a repair. She likes to constantly change something in the house, but at the same time she is the guardian of the family hearth.

what does the name Tatiana
Compatibility of the name Tatyana

The most calm and balanced among othersTatyana with the patronymic Mikhailovna, she will be a versatile person and can succeed in many areas. The most stubborn are Vladimirovny. The name is well combined with such patronymics: Valeryevna, Timurovna, Vsevolodovna, Sergeevna, Leonovna. Strong marital union can develop with Ivan, Oleg, Anatoly, Mark, Sergei. But Vyacheslav, Gennady, Albert and Stanislav badly fit a girl named Tanya, so it is better to abstain from such relations.

Name Tatyana: origin in astrology

This name corresponds to the sign of the Taurus zodiac. The planet, which is the patroness of the name, is Mars. Colors that bring good luck - red and brown. Stones-amulet for this name - tiger's eye and heliodorus. Totemic animals for Tatiana are lynx, and plants-talismans for the name - clover and elm.

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