Why does the deceased dream?

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The most frequent answer to the question of what I dream aboutthe deceased, who give us various dream books - this is unhappiness, separation, sad news, failure in business and other negativity. If the deceased person was a member of your family, then this is a sign of illness of your close relative or a break in relations with him. In addition, for people who are in a relationship, this can mean temptation and infidelity.

However, everything in this case depends heavily ondetails of your sleep. Therefore, in order to determine what the deceased dreams about, you need to concentrate on them. For example, if a deceased person is dressed in your dream in black, then it portends a serious illness, the death of a close friend or serious difficulties in the affairs. If you have closed the eyes of a deceased person with coins, in real life dishonest people or simply detractors will cause you substantial damage. However, if you use only one coin, you will be able to recover all your losses through a sharp and intense struggle. If such a dream is seen by a young woman, then it can be interpreted as a deception or damage caused by the fact that she will trust unreliable, but courteous people. In the event that the coffin with the deceased is in the hall of the store, troubles and losses will also affect your friends.

The ancient dream books have their own interpretations of theWhat the deceased dreams about. So, for example, to see the dead soldiers on the battlefield means that soon you will encounter the enmity of a group of people: departments, families, communities. And if in a dream you are talking to a deceased brother, then some unfamiliar person will turn to you for sympathy and help. If he is unusually cheerful, then you are wrongly organizing your life and are prone to make a serious mistake.

However, not all people who are interested in dreams,believed that sleep with the deceased should be interpreted according to some signs. So, for example, Paracelsus-an outstanding German scientist-claimed that the deceased dreamed for a reason, and one should pay careful attention to those warnings that try to bring to us the shadows of the dead. A sleeping person can even receive real advice from them. Many people believe that in a dream there is a kind of connection with the delicate bodies of our loved ones, who can really prevent us from committing serious mistakes.

There is another point of view on the interpretationthis kind of dreams. Many modern interpreters believe that one should not worry about what the deceased dreams about. Remembering a dream, a deceased person in which he looks like a living, is certainly a little scary, but his appearance, according to interpreters, does not carry a special meaning in dreams. It is believed that this is quite an ordinary dream, and the image of a person comes from our memories. Especially relevant is the interpretation, in the event that the deceased does not act as a significant actor in our dreams. Probability of everything, you just subconsciously experience some significant events in your life, which means that after awakening you can not be upset and live peacefully.

All three points of view on dreamsdeceased, in fact, can be applied. All people are different and, as a rule, each person sees the dead in their own way in their own way and reacts to them in their own way. Someone is trying to determine what the deceased dreams about in a coffin, and someone enters with a deceased into real contact and even receives useful information from him.

In any case, you should not dramatizethe situation. Even if you see a deceased person, any or some particular person in your case, it's not good, do not forget that sleep is just a warning, which means that any possible difficulties can be prevented in real life.

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