Miron - the meaning of the name, the characteristics of the character

Spiritual development

The origin of the name Miron has Greek roots. It means "fragrant", "exuding an incense" or "crying".

What can I say about the person whose name isMyron? The meaning of the name has a significant effect on the nature of its owner. From him emanates amazing good nature and some kind of mild sadness. Probably, the quiet melody of the name and association with the word "peace" is affecting. Short names: Mirosha, Mironka.

Myron name value
Miron - the meaning of the name for the child

As a child, Mirosha is an agreeable and kind boy,characterized by health and strength. When growing up in his character, extreme honesty, hard work and commitment are formed. Education has a great influence on the character of the boy. As a child, due to the internal balance, he is amenable to a great influence on the part of parents and people who are authoritative for him. Thanks to the parental influence, a predisposition to good humor can develop in Miron. In the power of parents, the boy's predisposition to light sadness and to bring her to full melancholy. It happens that accidentally they strengthen the firmness of Miroshka, but toughness is unlikely to become a characteristic feature of the adult Myron.

Origin of the name Miron
Softness is characteristic of men wearing beautifulname Miron. The meaning of the name determines diligence and a very strong-willed, persistent character. Kindness and philanthropy make Miron a good and generous friend who can at any time come to the rescue. He is capable of empathy and sympathy. Miron's self-love in most cases is balanced and very rarely painful, but if there is a need, he can always stand up for himself.

Miron - the meaning of the name in the relationship

Family for him is the meaning of life. He chooses a wife for love, cleanliness, as a rule, younger than himself. Miron is a very charming gentleman, but even if the passion has passed, he tries to keep warm and kind relations with his wife for the sake of children. He likes to spend his free time with his family, so he refuses to work even with short business trips.

As a philosopher and contemplative, he chooses his proper profession. Can

Mirra the meaning of the name
become a librarian, archivist, scientist. He always keeps his word, so wherever Miron works, he enjoys authority from the leadership and the team. Very often he makes a good career due to his communicability and intelligence. He is a spiritually gifted person. There are no problems in dealing with Miron, but it should be taken into account that he reacts negatively to non-binding and insincerity, especially to outspoken lies. Conflict may not be, but it will not be easy to regain its respect.

There is a similar female name - Mirra. The meaning of the name in Greek means "myrtle branch". In the days of Soviet power this name meant a reduction in the "world revolution". Double consonant "p" acts on the energy, adds a special hardness to Mirra. At its core, she is a deep person. If Mirra promises, then he will fulfill his promise, why would it not worth it. In response, he expects the same obligation. Despite the seriousness and severity, this is a sympathetic and kind person.

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