What is the dream that awaits us? What does the owl dream about?

Spiritual development

The owl (or owl) is a symbol of wisdom. In nature, this bird is an ardent hunter of small animals (for example, rodents). She sleeps during the day, and awake at night. Here is the basic minimum of those knowledge about the oats that every modern child should possess. But in this article we will be interested in something else, namely - what does an owl dream about! So, what do the leading dream books and interpreters of the world tell us?

what does an owl dream about

Esoteric dream book. What does an owl dream about?

  1. This is a bad sign. If you caught an owl, then expect trouble.
  2. Catch an owl and put it in a cage? Be careful - do not succumb to the bad influence of bad people who will be able to destroy your individuality and independence.
  3. If you see an owl in a zoo or reserve, then you will not be able to carry out all your plans, because your envious people will prevent you.
  4. What do you think, what is the dream of an owl that you yourself ... killed? Do not worry, this is a relatively good sign! Kill an owl - mitigate a powerful blow to fate.

Why the owl dreams. Sonnik Miller

  1. An owl in a dream is a symbol of loneliness, emptiness, uncertainty, sadness and confusion. In addition, it is the messenger of any disease or even death.
  2. Did you see an owl in the woods during the day? Prepare for a secret meeting with a person who is not yet known to you. In addition, the outcome of such a meeting is also unknown. Will of fate ...
    dream book dream about an owl
  3. Very often this bird dreams, in cases when something very important is concealed from you. Often such dreams serve as indicators of your spiritual solitude, spiritual poverty ...
  4. If in a dream you hear a deaf and very gloomycry of an owl or an owl, then beware: to you there are sorrows and sorrows ... Be cautious in everything, protect own life and a life of your relatives. This dream is very dangerous: bad news after such a dream can be showered, as if from a cornucopia!
  5. A dead owl testifies to a successful coincidence of circumstances: you easily avoid any troubles, and also get out after a serious illness.

Why the owl dreams. Dream Interpreter

  1. Have you seen an owl on a tree? Beware of bad influence from a dubious society!
  2. Is the bird in a hollow? Your life will become lonely ...
  3. A dream is terrible, in which you hear a cry of an owl. In this case, she shouts at your soul - this is the messenger of death ... God forbid you see this dream!
  4. what does a white owl dream about
    If you caught this bird, hold it in your hands and carefully consider - be afraid! In real life, you will experience quite a strong fright, an accident or a mental breakdown.
  5. If you dream of a scarecrow of an owl - you are striving for power. Want to achieve it in all ways, but it's in vain ...
  6. A bird that shines with its huge eyes in your sleep, warns of the need to get rid of unnecessary anxiety.
  7. Why does a dark owl dream?This is any news. Perhaps, some kind of true essence of things will open before you, or you, at last, will see through and see the situation differently. Why does a white owl dream? Such a dream indicates an early date. Perhaps you will have wisdom. In any case, the meeting will be fatal.
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