The meaning of Nellie's name: all facets of character

Spiritual development

Unambiguous interpretation of the name of Nellie specialistsdo not give. The only thing in which the opinions of researchers coincide - the name came to us from ancient Greece. "Young" is what Nelly's name means, if the ancient Greek word "neos" is used as a basis. Other variants of interpretation are "new sun", "new light".


Women with this name are completely non-conflict,open to communication, inquisitive and optimistic. The meaning of the name Nelli, as the "new sun", accurately conveys the nature of its owner. Being in Nellie's society is very pleasant and comfortable. Relaxing, people often trust her with their secrets, but, unfortunately, she does not know how to keep secrets. But even after a person realizes that his surroundings have become known to everyone around him, he does not get angry with Nellie. She is too charming and spontaneous for this.

The meaning of the name Nelly

Owners of this name have not only a strongwomen's charm, but also clear mind, career ambitions and diligence. From an early age, they love to learn and develop their natural abilities. Such women are often called careerists, but this is not entirely true. The family for Nelly is also of great importance. Although she is not a good housewife, she is bored and uninteresting in her household affairs, but her husband and children are a mandatory item in her life program. Her whole life goes on trying to balance the scales on which, on the one hand, the Nelli family, the name on the other.


Owners of the name love music and art, well feel this world and even in ordinary things find beauty. Of these women are wonderful photographers.

What is the name of Nelly

The psychological significance of Nellie's name is favorablenot only for its owner, but also for others. She is unblamable, unaffected and knows how to resolve other people's conflicts. Usually has many friends and acquaintances in the most diverse spheres of life.


Nelly has been a success sinceof the opposite sex. She is not only interesting as an interlocutor, but also has a beautiful figure and female appeal. But frivolous and accessible it can not be called - she cares about her reputation.

Nelly name

The sexual meaning of Nellie's name will appeal to herpartner. She loves sex and is very inventive in it. It does not matter where and how much it happens - the main passion, emotions and technical diversity. Men prefer to choose experienced and temperamental. After living a long time in marriage, the degree of relationship between spouses gradually decreases. But this does not become an excuse for parting.


The meaning of Nellie's name implies problems withthe digestive system. Parents Nelli from early childhood should pay attention to her nutrition and dental health. It is undesirable to introduce the girl to the sweet before reaching the age of 5 years. Subsequently it is recommended to closely monitor the amount of sweets consumed.


Nelly has many qualities and talents, so the range of her career opportunities is wide enough. She can realize herself in any form of art, and in science.

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