Why dream about a wedding and see yourself in a dream in a wedding dress

Spiritual development

"Ah, this wedding, wedding, wedding sang anddanced ". This wonderful and joyful event in the life of young couples and its attributes is sometimes dreamed of in a dream. Some see the wedding party, some bride and groom, and some manage to see themselves in a dream in a wedding dress, try on or wear it. Many dream interpretations treat the wedding as something positive. So, for example, the dream book of the twentieth century, who saw a wedding in a dream, promises significant and important changes for the better. To be in a wedding dress in a dream or in a dress suit, i.e. most to be a bride or a happy groom - to great success. If you are walking on some kind of cheerful wedding, then soon new acquaintances are waiting for you, which, perhaps, will be fateful for you. The family dream book promises a way out of unpleasant situations, and the dream book of a forerunner is a pleasant acquaintance. Gypsy Dream Book promises to make new friends. Own wedding dreams about big and pure love. Love dream, if you dream of another's wedding, promises good news, and if your wedding - some pleasant surprise (surprise, gift, souvenir). This is indicated by an intimate dream book.

See yourself in a dream in a wedding dress according to a dream bookMiller, especially if the dress was worn with great pleasure - to obtain an inheritance. To see just the bouquet of the bride, then you will soon come out victorious from a difficult or uncertain situation. According to Freud's dream book, a woman sees herself in a wedding dress and be the bride of her beloved person - to early changes in personal relationships, perhaps even to reconciliation after a long quarrel.

However, not all dream books are interpreted so positivelythis event. The wise dream of Zhou-Gong foretells the misfortune that saw the wedding ceremony in a dream. This is indicated by the eastern female dream book. In addition, this dream book warns a woman that to see herself in a dream in a white wedding dress and veil to a disease. The only caveat is that if you still see yourself as a bride, but a dress of any color (except white), then it is possible to obtain a large inheritance. If you see in the role of the groom a man you do not know, it means parting with your loved one. A man who is ill to a man promises a complication of the disease. The Polish dream book promises discord, quarrels, troubles to the one who dreamed of a wedding. The most, perhaps, depressing interpretation of the dream about the wedding is given by the dream book of Tsvetkov - sadness or death for the "groom", or a disease for the one who dreamed a dream. And also the Vedic dream book from Sri Swami Sivananda, who predicts participation in the funeral.

Modern dream interprets fine nuances"Wedding" dreams. To marry in secret - to unnecessary gossip around his person. If a woman marries without the approval of her parents, in reality she will not be able to count on the support of relatives and close friends. If in a dream your lover married another woman, then it is to an unreasonable jealousy. To see at his wedding a man in mourning attire - to an unsuccessful marriage. If a person in mourning appeared at a strange wedding, then an unsuccessful marriage awaits someone from your relatives or friends. To marry an old man - to illness. Own wedding dreams of unpleasant news from afar, however, if the guests at a wedding in a dream are still gay, then the news can be quite good.

In ancient times it was believed that if a girlsees herself in a dream in a wedding dress, then she gets sick, or she's in for a grief. But recently in such dreams many people try to see still more positive. Therefore, if you dreamed of a wedding in which you are simply present, or you could see yourself in a dream in a wedding dress, you can choose a dream book, which is huge, and decipher the dream.

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