Dream Interpretation: Dreams of a mouse - what for?

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Mice belong to a fairly large groupRodents and have many species. People often face so-called house mice living in crevices and damaging the au pair, because they eat food and supplies. And what if these little tawny rodents were dreaming of us? We propose to seek the interpretation of such a dream for several of the most complete and popular dream books.

the mice dreamed about what

The dream of Gustav Miller: the mouse was dreaming - to what?

According to this source, a mouse seen in a dreampredicts trouble at home and insincerity from friends. There may also be problems in business. Kill this rodent in a dream - to defeat all enemies. If you caught a mouse, but then let it escape, then you are waiting for a long and exhausting struggle, the outcome of which will remain unclear until the very end. This little rodent, dreamed of a young girl, acts as a warning about the preparations being made against her. If the mouse was on the girl's dress, then the latter risks becoming the heroine of gossip and even scandal.

what does the little mouse dream about

Dream Husset: dreams of mice - what for?

To catch these rodents in a dream - to luck inimplementation of your plans. White mice promise a dreamer a successful marriage. To hear the mouse squeak - to the risk of being robbed. A large number of rodents in a dream - to the onset of heavy times.

Ancient French dream book: what the dream about a mouse

A little norushka, seen in a dream, appears in theAs a harbinger of possible betrayal by one of your closest friends. Therefore, be careful and try to be less frank with even the most native people.

Islamic dream book: the mouse was dreaming - to what?

In the opinion of the compilers of this collectioninterpretations of dreams, the mouse is the personification of some wicked woman, capable of stealing. If in dreams you hear a mouse squeak, then you risk being robbed or deceived. The dream in which this little rodent runs out of your house promises an offensive in the life of the black band. Mice in large numbers warn the dreamer that he is wasting his life without benefit.

what is the dream of a mouse biting

The dreamer of the White magician: the mouse was dreaming - to what?

This dream book looks at the dream mouse as a warning about the danger that threatens you. Be as cautious as possible with unfamiliar people and do not make casual acquaintances.

Dream from A to Z: I dreamed of a mouse

If you dream, how a few of these smallrodents running around your house, then in the near future, expect an invitation to a wedding. Pursue the mouse - to matchmaking. Murder of this caudate creature promises a sad event in the family. What is the dream: the mouse bites? Such a dream is seen as a forerunner of the betrayal of your lover or spouse. Mouse squeak warns of the danger of penetration into your home by thieves. If you dreamed of a mouse standing on its hind legs, then all your plans and desires will come true. Put in a dream mousetrap - to expose the machinations of your enemies, so you can take the necessary measures in time.

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