Dream: dreams of graves - what for?

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At the sight of the grave of even a stranger to usalways becomes a little sad, and thoughts come to mind of the transience of being and the transience of human life. But what if the places of burial were caught in our dreams? We suggest that we seek an answer to this question immediately to several of the most complete and well-known collections of interpretations of dreams.

dreamed of graves to what

Dreamed of graves - to what? Gustav Miller's dream interpreter warns

According to this source, the dreamed freshthe grave warns the dreamer that some dishonorable act may be committed against him, which in the future will cause numerous suffering. In general, the dreams in which burial places appear are treated as harbingers of problems, anxieties and illnesses. The dream in which you see your own grave symbolizes the machinations against you. Dig a grave pit - to a hard and exhausting struggle with your opponents. If you dream that the night caught you in the cemetery, and you had to spend it at the bottom of the grave pit, then in real life you risk losing the location of your lover and losing one of your close friends.

what does the relative's grave dream about

Wangi's dream: dreams of graves - to what?

With this dream book the dreamed grave is treated asa foretaste of an extraordinary event that will shock you and bring into your life not very pleasant changes. Several graves at once promise a chain of unfavorable events, because of which you can lose faith in your own strength.

Dreamed of graves. Why - tell dream book of Tsvetkov

Sleep, in which you dig a hole for the grave,portends some loss solely through your fault. To look at the grave in a dream - to receive news from afar. The empty grave promises to receive bad news. If you dreamed that you are lying in a grave, then soon, probably, will gain wealth. And the thicker the layer of land above you, the more money you will get.

What does the grave dream about: Ukrainian dream book

With this dream book the grave is considered asreceiving some, most likely, unkind news. Why dream of a relative's grave? Such a dream is considered a good sign and promises some kind of joyful event in your family, most likely, a wedding.

dream book

Modern dream book: what does the grave dream about

The authors of this dream book believe thatThe dreamed graves are harbingers of diseases and troubles. A dream in which a dreamer sees himself strolling among gravestones promises him an unsuccessful marriage. Read the inscriptions on the graves - to numerous unpleasant troubles and worries. To dig in a dream own grave - to serious changes in a life, and it is far not in the best party. A freshly dug grave in a dream serves as a warning of the danger that threatens you in real life

Dreamed of graves to what, will explain withdream book from A to Z

If you dreamed of an old abandonedgrave, then you are likely to outlive all of your loved ones, and as a result you will have to remain in the care of completely strangers and strangers. A fresh grave promises a strong resentment, which a person close to you will bring.

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