Lessons of practical astrology: Compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo

Spiritual development

Remember the famous lines of Pushkin about friendshipLensky and Onegin? As there: "... water and stone, / ice and fire are not so different among themselves ..." Approximately the same can be said about the similarity of Sagittarius and Virgo. Yes, they are very different. But, oddly enough, there is a kind of attraction in this difference.

Fundamental traits of character

compatibility of archer and maiden
Before evaluating, how much is possible andthe compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo is characteristic, it is necessary to note the cardinal qualities inherent in representatives of both signs. It is cardinal, since each individual has a huge number of his own, individual traits, conditioned by the position of the planets at the time of his birth, genetics, environment and many other factors. So, Sagittarius is the people of the sign of fire. They are emotional and impressionable, easy to climb and impatient. If they want something, this should happen here and now. Something to calculate, long to think about, develop strategic plans, go as "normal heroes", bypassing, they will not. But to rush forward, chest on the embrasure - quite in their style. In this regard, think what will be the compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo, if the latter is almost exactly the opposite? Sagittarius by and large choleric people, spilling out their impulsive temperament outside. Virgo - representatives of the sign of the earth, phlegmatic, calm, balanced. Such "things in themselves." They, before doing something, will consider this dozens of times, calculate a lot of options for the outcome. Excellent analysts and strategists, Virgo people often see the development of the situation on many steps forward and therefore, in their forecasts, as a rule, do not make mistakes. However, such a thoroughness - a feature, undoubtedly, positive, often grows into a negative one. People who were born in the middle of August-September, sometimes irritate with their slowness, indecisiveness, the habit of delaying the solution of various problems on the principle: "either it will resolve itself, or someone will do it for me." Often they are heavy on the rise, and pulling them out for a walk is as hard as inviting them to walk on foot to the Moon.
union of a virgin and archer
The compatibility of Sagittarius andVirgo is also in the sense that the first in nature innovators, tear forward and rarely look back. And representatives of the Virgo sign are conservatives, adherents of established traditions, stability, smooth, unhurried flow of life. They will simply be irritated by the choleric, often inconsistent and illogical, explosive and noisy temperament of Streltsov. The same, in turn, being in the same family team with the Virgins, will resemble hobbled horses, who want to rush into the meadows, ride a race with the wind, and they are forced to stand still. The slowness of the earthly sign will irritate and anger the centaurs (the symbol of Streltsi) more cleanly than the red rag of bulls on the bullfight. Hence, the compatibility of Sagittarius and Virgo - a phenomenon almost impossible? Do not rush to conclusions!

When minus a minus gives a plus

Not everything is as gloomy as it seems at first glance.Yes, both representatives of the zodiacal circle are quite specific, and it is frankly difficult for them to get along under one roof. However, if you look at the situation from the other side, it's far from fatal and hopeless. The union of Virgo and Sagittarius can be (and this is confirmed by practice) long, lasting and happy. From the series "died in one day." Because lovers or spouses will be a counterbalance to each other, forming in some unity a harmonious beginning. How? The impulse of Sagittarius, multiplied by the slowness and caution of the Virgin, will give vital wisdom.

marriage of archer and maiden
The activities and efforts of the former willto be tempered by the phlegmatism of the second - both can rest, and not only harness themselves into another business and plow without fatigue. Virgo are practical, economical, economical. Sagittarius, relating to money and material goods indulgently and carelessly, this neighborhood is very useful. Thanks to him, the marriage of Sagittarius and Virgo clearly does not end in the porch. On the contrary, together they will make a pretty round family capital, and in their old age they will not have to reach out for charity. Moreover, grasping on the fly a new thought, it is not really difficult for Virgos to study new sources of income. And Sagittarius is always ready to learn, to master knowledge. Both signs are gentle, caring, faithful, even romantic. Of course, such qualities are manifested if people have real feelings. Because they can quite create a good married couple, support each other as true partners.

Man proposes, and the stars have - that's it, the main truth of our being!

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