The meaning of the name of Jan

Spiritual development

Every woman's and man's name keeps in itselfa certain secret. Let's consider in this article the meaning of the name of Jan. It happened from the male name of Yang. The Baltic significance is Ivan, John. Historians argue that the name of Jan came from the Latin Janus (the ancient Greek god of light and sun).

The meaning of the name of Jan

As a child, Jan is very capricious and demanding.She can arrange a tantrum for any reason. A girl who is the bearer of this name, likes to brag to friends and peers. In school days lazy, it is difficult to wake up in the mornings, learns medium.

Yana is the favorite of her father.She reminds a capricious girl who wants everything in this world to spin around her person. If you are interested in the meaning of the name of Jan, then study it in more detail. Yana is very fond of men's attention, there are many men in her circle who constantly compliment her. For a girl with this name, manipulation, mannerisms and theatricality are characteristic. In relationships with men, Yana is a leader, she is used to always achieve her goals. Jealous men often do not maintain such behavior and can not stay in the company of a woman with that name for a long time.

The meaning of Yan's name is very multivalued. A girl with that name is energetic, emotional and quick-tempered. She always aspires to heights and is the absolute leader in everything.

Origin of the name of Jan

Jana falls in love early, but hides her feelings beforethe moment when the partner himself does not admit to her in love. She often does not find a common language with her mother-in-law. The child at Yana is alone, she loves him and spoils him. The man who is next to her is very happy, because she is very unpredictable. Her mood changes very often, she is very mobile and energetic. In marriage - jealous, but will not tolerate jealousy from her husband.

Scientists say that the origin of the name of Janis ambiguous. Poles repeat that this name came from them. Slavic letters confirm the existence of the god Janus, respectively, that this name has such ancient roots. The Baltic people have their own opinion.

A girl named Yana has a lot of energy and strengthspends to prove to the man that she is independent and strong. In sexual life, the owners of this name are very passionate, sensual and erotic. Great acting skills help to get out of any life situation. Sometimes Yana wants simple and easy relations, which do not oblige. After sex, she is ready to part with her partner forever, but men do not want to let go of such a woman and do everything to achieve her location. We hope, from this article you could learn the meaning of the name of Jan.

Description of the name of Jan

In order to study the character of this woman, notenough of all life. Characteristics of the name of Yang is very extensive. A woman with this name does not like to engage in the same thing, it is always interesting to step forward, to learn everything new and interesting. Friends like Jan for support and ability to sympathize. She is always ready to help at a difficult moment. It is suitable for men with names Egor, Dmitry, Nikolai, Alexei, Vasily.

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