What is the compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius?

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Speaking about the compatibility of "Cancer and Sagittarius", it is worth remembering that these signs are

Compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius
representatives of two opposite elements: Water and Fire. Proceeding from this, their relations will not always be cloudless. Signs are attracted to each other like magnets, but these relationships are more likely from the category: "Together - closely, and apart - boring." Peace retires into the background, instead of it a drama appears on the stage, which is comparable, probably, only with the well-known works of Dostoevsky. Exactly: a full, unexpected, unique life, full of surprises of a very different plan

But, despite the frightening forecasts, this alliancecan become quite successful and even promising, provided that the partners will be ready to make concessions to each other in many areas. Relations at the very beginning can be difficult to put, questioning the compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius at all. It's all about the excessive emotionality of everyone. Sensitive crayfish are always ready to burst into tears, whereas Sagittarius is not at all attuned to sensual relationships. Tears for any reason and constant self-excision are simply unsettling this sign of the Zodiac. Cancer and Sagittarius may conflict because of the distribution of finance in

zodiac sign Cancer and Sagittarius
family. Representatives of the sign of Fire know how to earn well and just as well spend money, they do not stay with them. Sagittarians are generous and can not refuse either themselves or a loved one in anything. While Cancers are prone to thrift and accumulation. We will have to endure a lot of debate on this issue in order to reach mutual understanding.

Compatibility Cancer and Sagittarius also meansstrong emotional dependence between partners. But, despite it, the couple can not stand the test of deceit. Any attempt to drive a partner by the nose can lead to an inevitable rupture of relations. Marriage Cancer and Sagittarius are also treated in different ways. For Sagittarius it is primarily freedom, the opportunity to actively participate in social life, Cancers are closer to the traditional family life with joint evenings and Sunday trips to the country. To reach compromises, spouses simply need to spend more time listening,

marriage cancer and Sagittarius
each other, discussing the pressing problems together, and not making hasty independent conclusions.

Intimate compatibility of Cancer and Sagittarius, toUnfortunately, it can also be subjected to tests and lapping. Cancers seek loyalty and sole ownership of a partner, Sagittarius prefers not to bind themselves by any obligations. Therefore, the latter should decide whether they want to spend their lives with this person, or honestly tell the truth in the face and then go on a quest.

Without looking at all the complexities, compatibility of Cancer andSagittarius is quite possible in a friendly relationship. Friendship can be truly strong and strong. The same goes for business partnerships. The points of contact will make it possible to achieve good results both in the civil service and in developing their own business. As a result, it becomes clear that any relationship between representatives of these signs requires painstaking construction and patience. But the result can please both.

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