Fortune-telling for girls: some options

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Childhood and school is an unforgettable time. What is worth the long-awaited change and discussion of the boys that you like after the lessons. Many come home and instead of so much needed lessons start to guess. Divination for girls is a very interesting and fascinating process. It is simply impossible to break away from it. Girls know a lot of different fortune-telling. This is fortune telling on the cards for girls, and fortune telling on paper, fortune telling on rings, on wax, on coffee grounds, on threads, on matches, using mirrors, and many other ways. Let's try to remember some of them.

Fortune-telling with a towel

Such guessing will help to determine whetherthe relationship between a girl and a guy in the coming year. In order to find out, you need to hang out a white towel at night outside the window. To do this it is necessary with the words: "If there is a betrothed, then let him come and be utrytsya." In the morning, this towel can be either moist or wet. This indicates a positive result. If everything is the same as it was, and your towel is dry, your result is disappointing, and in order to ask the same question again, you will have to wait another year. But do not get upset, because, most likely, a fatal meeting with a mysterious stranger has not happened yet.


This way of guessing for girls is very ancient,but today he received a modern interpretation. Not so long ago, village girls walked around the village listening to neighborly conversations. Everything that they managed to hear, helped determine the future. Now this is no longer true, because many people have not lived in the village for a long time.

Nevertheless, city girls canTo use such guessing, walking along the entrance of your house, or along the street. So, if suddenly you were lucky enough to hear the battle of bells, then in your life suddenly there will be a groom. If you managed to be present at a quarrel, then expect the same with your relatives or friends. If you were lucky enough to hear a musical melody or a song, then you know - you will have a quick fun. If a dog is barking somewhere in the yard, then this is for the news, if you hear the conversation of a man, then in school you will definitely get a "five", if a woman, then "two" is provided to you, and it does not matter whether you tried or not.

Find out the name

This method of guessing for girls is the simplest. You just need to ask a man's first name on the street. That's what they'll call your boyfriend. But be extremely cautious, because you do not know how to behave this or that passerby.

Fortune telling with the use of a string

This divination requires the presence of the mostclose friends, because without their help you can not do. It is necessary to cut several pieces of thread, about 15-20 cm, and also take matches. For the result, each girl must take a piece of the cut thread. Try to set them on fire at the same time. The girl whose thread will burn the fastest of all, the first will meet with the guy. If any girl has gone out of the thread, and has not burnt to the finish, then this year she will not be lucky in love and she will be alone until next year.

Fortune-telling with matches

This way of guessing for girls on guys knows,probably every woman. For him, we need a box of matches. Taking two matches from it, you need to insert them into it at the sides. One match is you, and the second is a guy that you really like. After the matches are set on fire, you need to watch them closely. If the matches have an attraction to each other, then you, most likely, can be together, and if on the contrary, then, apparently, you are not destined to meet and soon you will part.

Guessing with the help of the book

Such a way of guessing for girls can also beattributed to the easiest. Take absolutely any book. Left palm cover the cover and ask the question you are interested in. Next, you need to open the book in spite of it on any page, point any place on the page with your finger and read - everything that will be read, and is the answer to the question posed.

There are thousands of such divinations. Do not worry that they can do any harm. All of us once guessed at breaks, and we remember this period with a certain nostalgia. In children's divination there is absolutely nothing wrong.

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