Scorpios are women in love: magnetism and cunning

Spiritual development

Scorpio woman - many faces. It is capable of rushing from one extreme to the other; it successfully combines love and hatred, adventure and reliability. A woman who was born under this sign has a male mindset. Perhaps, that's why she does not pass before the difficulties, but easily copes with them and goes further. She is often called a femme fatale. She is beautiful, intelligent, coquettish and at the same time prudent. Scorpio is a special lady. It can ruin a man who was imprudent to fall in love with her.

scorpion woman in love
Scorpions are women in love

About this one is often told: "Oh, what a woman!"Men fall in love with her without memory, they are ready to throw everything at her feet: family, career, friends, and even if she has not become their companion for life, the Scorpio woman will never leave the heart." She will leave an unhealed wound there. all in a strong Scorpion woman fall in love with weak men who need support in life and the right direction, and she always gives this support and direction to them, but it will be just a passing romance. Scorpios women in love are very capricious: they choose their partners exceptionally strong, brave and resolute Yelnia men looking for a soul mate.

Scorpio woman: compatibility in love

It is difficult to call a fan of romantic dreams. You will never see this lady reading a novel. Rather, Scorpio can be found in the center of the battle, in the heat of battle. That's why it's very difficult to find a partner that fully corresponds to it. Twins with their windyness can drive her mad and infuriate. But at the same time, the Scorpio woman will never be bored with such a man. Aquarius and Pisces are too "fresh" and boring for her, which means that there can be no question of any love-for example, a passing infatuation, which even in a couple of days she will not even remember. Capricorn - a practical man and prudent, but it is too predictable for Scorpio. She likes to be a little adventurous, and he is too attached to the family. Therefore, their union is unlikely to be long. A Scorpio woman needs a partner who can "ignite" her - then this union will last forever.

woman scorpion compatibility in love

Scorpio woman - Aries man: love or friendship?

Aries can lose its head from the exterior of itsgirlfriends. He will cover her with a storm of feelings and emotions, to which she can not remain indifferent. And if the Cupid interferes in the relationship, then the union will be eternal and sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow. Scorpions, women in love do not tolerate monotony, as, indeed, the man-Aries. They are always ready to open a new one, which means that nobody will be bored. Scorpio is a real mystery woman. He does not tolerate lies and sees him from a distance.

woman scorpion man aries love
Most often it is vindictive. Aries will find it difficult to deceive her, for a Scorpio woman sees right through him. And if by some mistake of nature they marry, it will be though a long, but not always an easy life. And yet it is not without attraction. Aries is invincible in her jealousy, and Scorpio is too faithful. And this attitude to her from the side of a loved one is a real test for a woman, which can lead to a break between them. But with age it passes, so this family will be almost perfect.

Let's sum up the results

Scorpion-women in love are burning with passion and alltime is looking for something new. In order to become an ideal partner for her, you need to try hard: every time you need to be new and unique. If this is not inherent in you, then you should not even try.

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