In what year is the Rooster year? This question is asked by many people

Spiritual development

The Rooster sign in the eastern horoscope is quite interesting, unpredictable and bright. Many are interested in what years the Rooster was and will be.

what year is the year of the cock

  • In 1981 was the year of the Metal Rooster, also he will be in 2041.
  • In 1993, the Water Rooster, he was still 1933.
  • 1945 and 2005 of the Wooden Cock.
  • 1957 Fire Cock, also he will be in 2017.
  • 1969 Earthy Rooster, he will also be in 2029.

Now let's take a closer look at the sign itself and the distinguishing features of each of the Roosters.

1981 is the year of the Rooster, and what does he promise us?

People born, this year, as a rule,purposeful. They always know what they want and how to achieve it. They always have a plan according to which they act. However, it happens that sometimes they can overdo it, than strongly anger others. The Metal Rooster will never back down from his goal. His stubbornness sometimes plays a cruel joke with him. That is why he often fails to achieve what he wants.

1993 - the year of the Rooster, and what will he bring to the people born this year?

The previous year of the Water Rooster was in 1933year. Everyone remembers that it was during the time in the history of the USSR. In which years the Rooster year, it interests everyone, but what he is for the Rooster, not all are reflecting. Water Rooster is a very mobile person. He does not like to sit still and wait for insight. As a rule, he will prefer to act. It will fight against the closed door until it gets its own. A person born under this sign is difficult to argue, it is interesting to talk with him, but it is impossible to dissuade. He always has his clear opinion on everything, it is also worth noting that it is fun to communicate with him. The desire to do everything quickly and relax - this is a quality that sometimes does not allow you to achieve what you want.

1981 of which cock

1945 and 2005 - what awaits those who were born in these years?

A pretty successful future, because the Wooden Roostercan get out of any situation. In the priority he always has native people, and the rest - only later. This is a very honest and self-satisfied sign. All would be well, but a man born in the year of the Wooden Rooster will always take up ten cases at a time. Well, it's obvious that none will work out well.

1957 and 2017 - what awaits those born in these years?

In which years the Rooster was, the element is notplays a big role in destiny. The main thing is what the sign means. The Fire Rooster is the leader in life, he always leads people behind him. He is able to control and subordinate himself. Everyone in him sees the leader and is ready to obey him. Representatives of this sign do not know how to treat people with understanding, they believe that they are always right. And other people's problems do not interest them, they do not like to grieve and suffer. Always fighting for the truth, which is a pretty good character trait.

1993 of which cock

1969 and 2029 - the years of Roosters of the Earth. What awaits them?

As a rule, people of this sign work very hardand achieve success in one thing. Do not spray on a bunch of cases at the same time, so they achieve success in their field of activity. People born in these years are very smart and perceptive. Having set a goal, they will do everything to come to it. As a rule, they succeed. A favorite occupation is work, they do not have time for rest at all, and desires too.


In which years the Rooster was, it is one and the samethe same sign. The person born under it is very strong, hardy, and also loves to work. Some people achieve their goals, some do not. But always this person goes through life with proudly raised head, like a cock!

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