Look at the dream book: your wedding is a harbinger of changes

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To decipher the images of the night you need to take into accountsome circumstances. So, the man and woman of the wedding are foreshadowed by various events. What does the dream book say about this? His wedding is a sign of the coming changes. Let's take a closer look at what kind of twists and turns in life you can expect.

dream interpretation of your wedding
Wedding in women's dreams

Any beautiful lady, regardless of age andmarital status, you should begin to worry if the dream is a wedding. This is indicated by any dream book. His wedding can say that the chosen one (for unmarried people) or the husband has long been looking "on the side." In the near future, betrayal will open, which, most likely, will lead to a break in relations. Here the interpretations are fairly straightforward. A wedding is a sign of trouble in real life. And the brighter the images, the greater the experience will be in reality. And if the bride in the dream was a lonely woman, then she has a reason to perk up. The esoteric dream book: "Your wedding is a foretaste of the appearance of a soul friend for a girl who does not have it."

dream-dream wedding
Men's images associated with marriage

Men refer to a change in their situationvery responsibly, which, of course, takes into account and dream book. Own wedding for a married man is a harbinger of changes that it will not be easy to cope with. A lot of cases will fall on him at once, which will have to be "disrupted" very quickly. There will also be many obstacles. In general, "cool hills and turns" can not be avoided. For a young man, according to the dream book, his wedding is a sign of joyful changes in life. Perhaps he will soon meet a beautiful girl who will become his devoted wife, or maybe change jobs to a more promising (or find a new one). That is, the changes are very favorable. To an elderly man his own wedding presages death.

Dream of a wedding for the bride (groom)

It's a different matter if a person is going to combineby marriage. Then and so it is clear, to which he (she) dreamed a wedding in a dream. The dream interpreter recommends considering this not as a prediction, but as a sign of excitement before the upcoming triumph. But not always! If something goes wrong at the banquet, guests quarrel or a fight starts, then you can perceive such an image as a warning. The other half is not tuned to a true and clean relationship. It is recommended to think about it before going under the crown with your chosen one (chosen one).

dream wedding dream book
A strange wedding

Very often, images come to us, which are veryit is difficult to identify. For example, like we are at our wedding, and then the whole dream becomes a different event. Or the whole situation is saturated with mystery and magic, which are not possible in real life. It happens that the guests behave strangely, turn into animals and so on. In a dream everything is possible. What will the dream book predict in this case? His wedding with mysterious transformations suggests a sharp change in life circumstances, which the person could not foresee. In your life, forces will break in, which you can not resist. The mood of sleep will tell about the nature of the changes. Heaviness from him will tell you that you will have to suffer and suffer before everything is settled. Joyful, bright feelings will prompt that life will fly like on wings, giving one good situation after another.

A warning:Many dream books say that their wedding dreams about their own death. This is also possible, but very rarely. Only people of advanced age should be prepared for a transition to another world, if often come images of wedding parties.

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