Why does a louse dream? Should I swim?

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What will the dream book tell us: what are the dreams of lice? Interpreters so ambiguously explain this image that you can get confused in the meanings. It is recommended to believe in the most positive. It is known that we form our future thoughts! So, we'll go over the sources of interpretation. We will try to understand.

what does a louse dream about
Miller's dream:

This source portends misfortunes and losses, if yousaw bloodsucking on their hair. You are foretold with health problems. That's what a louse dreams about. Even worse, if the lice were in pets. This dream portends hunger! Is this likely? But the author claims that the amount of losses will be such that there will be nothing to file to the table. And if a louse crawls on your body, then your behavior will differ in the absence of correctness. Catch bloodsucking - you will begin to rush with your disease, causing general irritation. In general, this source connects the lice with problems, both in health and in relationships. It is believed that the enemies will actively vex you. Not very optimistic outlook. Let's look at other sources.

Aesop's Dream:

This interpreter believes that the bloodsuckingis a sign of uncleanliness. In addition, he relies on the special vitality of these unpleasant creatures. Sometimes all attempts to get rid of them do not lead to anything. Dreaming of a louse - to ridicule. If you differ in the unbalanced, then the ridicule will be directed at you. To kill a louse is to useless work. You will try to create a basis for stability, but efforts will be in vain. Most likely, you are positioning yourself incorrectly, it will not lead to anything. Lice are removed, nits usually to the fact that the environment perceives you as a person incapable of a serious matter. In their imagination - you are a frivolous person (at best). Therefore, nothing serious is expected of you. If lice talk to you, you will be very surprised. And if you feel their bites -

dream book
get unexpected money! The same thing means a dream when you see a host of swarming parasites. Such a disgusting vision, however, guarantees you a considerable income, which you did not expect at all. And to doubt anything! Dreaming a huge louse - wait for the money! Already optimism in interpretation is observed! Let's look further.

The Jewish dream book:

So much money! That's what a louse dreams about! At last! Only positive! But in this sweet interpretation was found a fly in the ointment! If they bite, then along with the wealth come problems in the form of enemies who will actively attack you. Do not be afraid of open conflicts, do you know how to stand up for yourself? Hence, sleep is favorable. If you do not want scandals, arrange with foes a conversation where it will be possible to clarify the positions on your terms.

Family Dream Book:

Seeing is sadness and misfortune. On your body - to the fact that offend friends misconduct. To catch - to a dangerous disease. Many bloodsuckers - get tired of an annoying acquaintance. Bite - get trouble because you can not take control of the situation. That's what a louse dreams about. This source is also pessimistic about bloodsucking. Maybe he's right. You can find out only

what is the reason for lice nests

Modern dream book:

To see is illness. Many are failures and worries. Bites - to the attack of enemies! Catching is a health problem. Try to get rid - get rid of negative circumstances.

So, some sources interpret sleep about lice withthe negative side. Some are positive. What to believe? It is recommended not to panic. When deciding what a louse dreams exactly in your case, choose the interpretation that appeals to you! That is resonates with your attitude to life. It will definitely be true!

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