Archangel Diocese. Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church

Spiritual development

The Archangel Diocese has a rich history. Her education in due time became necessary due to the advancement of Christianity, and also, in order to resist the Old Believers, to start the fight against the schism.

Archangel Diocese

History of the Archangel and Kholmogory Diocese

According to historical data, it was established in 1682year, in March. Throughout its history, the territory that was controlled by it was changing. Accordingly, the names changed somewhat. For example, from 1682 to 1731 it was called the Kholmogory and Vazha diocese, with the center of Kholmogory (there was a department). From 1731 to 1787 it was the Archangelsk and Kholmogory diocese.

1762 brought change. The present Diocese of Arkhangelsk has changed the control center, which was moved to the eponymous city forever. A few years later its name again changed to the Arkhangelsk and Olonets (from 1787 to 1799).

For a very long time (from 1799 to 1985), the diocese was named Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory. After that, for ten years, its name was changed again, but in 1995 everything returned.

In December 2011, the Archangel and Kholmogory Diocese at the meeting of the Holy Synod was introduced into the Archangel Metropolis.

Territory of the Archangel Diocese

In order to find out where she is,a map of the dioceses of the ROC will be needed. On it you can see that today it is the territory of the Arkhangelsk region. Of course, it itself is quite large, so the diocese includes Vinogradovsky, Primorsky, Kargopol, Kholmogorsky, Onega and other nearby areas.

You should also know that it is part of the Archangelsk Metropolis.

Diocese of the RPC

Monasteries of the Diocese

There are several monasteries on the territory of the diocese. Let's consider some of them.

The Alexander-Oshevensky Monastery. Has a rich history. The approximate date of foundation is the 1460s. The founder of the monastery is Alexander Oshevensky, who, listening to his father's advice, came to the places where the monastery is now, and settled here. During the lifetime of Alexander was built St. Nicholas Church, which is considered the first.

After the death of the founder, the monastery itself fell into decay. The situation changed in 1488, when the number of the monastery began to increase, its landed estates, and buildings.

If we talk about today, the monasteryis in decline. In 1928, he ceased to act, eventually turned into a ruin. The Russian Orthodox Church can not forget the importance of this monastery, so now it is being restored. There is a monastic building in which the monks live.

Antonievo-Siysky Monastery. It is located near Arkhangelsk, on the peninsula near Lake Bolshoy Mikhailovskoe. The year of foundation of the monastery is 1520, and the founder - prep. Anthony.

The monastery experienced years of decline in the times of the USSR,when it was closed, and on the territory there were all kinds of establishments for rest and fun. The Russian Orthodox Church received it for its use only in 1992. The monastery began to recover.

Bogoyavlensky Kozhezersky Monastery. He experienced several times the decline and rebirth. It is located near Lake Kozhozera, namely on the Lop peninsula.

It was founded in the distant 1560 year. Its founders are Nifont and Serapion Kozhozerskie. The monastery developed until 1764, when it was abolished. His discovery was again in 1853. He worked until the time of the Soviet Union, when the monastery was closed again. Only in 1999 it was reopened and declared operational.

Dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church

Women's monasteries of the diocese

Also on the territory of the diocese there are also women's monasteries. Let's consider some of them.

St. John the Theological Monastery. He is in the village of Ershovka. It was founded not so long ago - in 1994. Originally was a female community, which tried to return the farmsteads, which were formerly in the possession of the Sursky women's monastery. He was transferred to his current location in 1996.

St. John the Theologian Sur monastery. It is a more ancient community, which is located in the village of Sura. The year of foundation can be considered 1899. The initiator was John of Kronstadt.

In Soviet times it was closed. The monastery started working again only in 2012 at the insistence of the Holy Synod.

Subordinate dioceses - educational and social institutions

The Archangel Diocese and its leadership take care not only of the spiritual life of its parishioners, but also helps in case of need. For example, under the John the Theological Monastery (women's) there is a shelter for girls.

For women who need help after birth or during pregnancy, there is a Maternity Protection Center. He is in Arkhangelsk at the Assumption Church.

In the Verkol monastery can help those who do not have their own home, as well as those who have just left the places of deprivation of liberty and need support, housing.

Also, almost every monastery and parish has an active Sunday school.

diocese of the Arkhangelsk region

The shrines of the Arkhangelsk and Kholmogory diocese

The Archangel Diocese is also rich in shrines,which are in her domain. For example, in the Antonievo-Siysky monastery are the holy relics of its founder. In the church in Koryazhma, there is a hairpiece and vestiges of the Monk Longin Koryazhemsky. By the way, the day when they were returned to their homeland, is now celebrated annually as a city day.

In Arkhangelsk is one of the most outstandingshrines, namely the icon of Archangel Michael. It was written in the middle of the XVIII century. Its value is that Archangel Michael is considered to be the patron of the whole land of Arkhangelsk.

Another sacred object is the miraculous icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa". She is in Solombala temple in Arkhangelsk.

And this is not the whole list of shrines that can be found in the diocese.

Russian Orthodox Church

Saints from the Archangel Diocese

This land is also famous for its saints, who glorified it with their deeds for the whole world. For example, in the assembly of the saints of the Arkhangelsk land, it can be noted. Ephimius and the righteous Antony and Felix.

The Monk brought the first word to these landsJesus, because in those days paganism was worshiped here, and they worshiped, according to legends, various subjects, but not the One Lord. Efimius struggled to turn the inhabitants of these places into Orthodoxy - both by word and example of his life. And it worked. After a while, many came to the life of the righteous.

If we talk about the saints Anthony and Felix, then these were two brothers who had a good temper, always helped their parent. One of the brothers even passed his land to the Michael-Archangel Monastery.

The brothers drowned in 1418, but their bodies are wonderfulway brought to the place where now stands the Korelsky monastery. Above the place where they were buried, they put a wooden chapel, and in 1719 a temple was built.

However, the diocese of the Arkhangelsk region is famous for its numerous saints, devotees, elders, who lived on its territory. These are fertile places, which were not brought up by one generation.

map of the diocese

The existing dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church

If we consider the diocese of the Russian Orthodoxchurches, there are quite a lot of them, both in Russia and abroad. For example, they are in America, in Europe. Almost every one of them has in its subordination monasteries, various institutions that provide assistance to the needy. Some have educational institutions.

The dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church spend more and more socialwork with the population. This, for example, helps with drug and alcohol dependence, educational work of all sections of the population, especially young people, as well as other works.

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