Scales-Rooster (female): characteristics and properties

Spiritual development

A surprisingly pleasant coincidence - Libra, bornin the year of the Rooster. Horoscope says that they are optimistic, can be the soul of the company, the ups and downs in life are taken for granted and easily selected from the most difficult situations.

female rooster scales characteristic

How does the character of Libra and the Rooster

Libra is a moderately talkative person, and Roosterloves and knows how to talk, peppering speech jokes-jokes. The combination of these two qualities allows a person not to say too much and diplomatically come out of any situation, reducing it to a humorous state. Therefore, the Rooster-Libra simply finds a language with high-ranking people: he is very inventive, communicating. Knowing your own worth, Rooster-Libra gets into high circles and finds there a worthy place.

Such a person can demonstrate diplomacy and resolve complex conflicts. He will examine the situation from various sides and explain it to the disputants, reconciling them in the most delicate way.

Work to create at home to himnecessary comfort and coziness, this person is ready from morning till late evening. He gets tired and does a lot for the benefit of the family, and this should not be forgotten. Therefore, when he returns to the family, he needs respect, respect, admiration and indulgence to whims. This should be remembered by relatives and more often to say compliments, sometimes accidentally give small gifts.

In business and in love, Libra the Rooster is reliable. Taking obligations, he will do his best to fulfill them.

So says the horoscope. Scales-Rooster, the characteristic of which was given here, is a positive sign. And this corresponds to the truth.

The character of a woman Libra-Rooster

Such women do not allow negligence with those,who surrounds them. They believe that they can always help a close circle of their people. It is easy to take someone else's point of view, Libra-Cock, a woman whose characteristic is offered to readers, makes it simple and natural. They easily move through life, if only they humble some windiness: they have too much craving for changes in their employment, work. If this quality is overcome, then they can reach serious peaks, advancing not suddenly, but gradually and consistently.

The character of the female Libra-Cock is approaching the ideal. With them, many are calm, interesting and simple. Sociability, contactness and a great inclination towards diplomacy are additional qualities that allow them to easily climb up. Strongly developed sense of tact allows them to feel at ease in any situation and not to violate subordination in relations. The propensity to be taciturn and the desire to act compel them to choose an active life position.

Finance and Career

horoscope scales cock feature

Purposeful careerist isLibra-Rooster is a woman. Characteristics that can be given to her: exacting, diligent, attentive, love of change and reform, hard work. It is these features of her personality that allow you to steadily climb the career ladder, achieving independence in all areas, especially financial. Her they get to mature age, with pleasure spending money on luxury acquisitions.

Women's Scales-Cock in Love and Marriage

Now consider the love relationship for the signScales-Cock. A woman, whose characteristics are investigated, builds relationships not for a day, but for the rest of her life. She takes her partner very seriously. He chooses once and for all, without changing his companion. She is looking for the person she needs, "tame" the chosen one, patiently waiting for the activity of the man. After that, the family life builds very harmoniously. Delicately approaching the shortcomings of the spouse, seeking, supporting and developing in it positive qualities, she will certainly make her life happy. Otherwise, the relationship is not ruptured.

What other qualities does this woman have?

scales born in the year of a rooster horoscope

Peacefulness, benevolence is the Libra-Rooster(female). The characteristic says that if such a woman is offended and the more irritated, then little will not seem: in intrigues this sign is very strong and will answer, not at all embarrassed. Opponents can only hold on.

There is one more feature that should not be discounted - this is a craving for aesthetics. Everything in such a woman is permeated with grace and beauty.

Concluding the description, it should be said that this woman has collected the best qualities of Libra and the Rooster.

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