Alyona. Characteristics of the name. Fate and character

Spiritual development

What is our name, what is its mystery and influence on destiny? How not to make a mistake in the choice? Let's understand.

alyona characterization of the name

Alyona. Characteristics of the name

There are two versions of the origin of this name.According to one, Alena is the national form of the Greek name Elena, meaning "light." According to another version, this is the name of Slavic origin, the so-called pagan goddess of the dawn. In her honor, the tribes living in the European part of the country called themselves. It means "scarlet," "fiery," "beautiful."

Little Alain. Meaning of the name

The character of Alyonushka is similar to the character of the namesake fromRussian fairy tale: quiet, modest, silent, calm. Spends his childhood on books. He likes to dream, when he is among the children, it seems that here only her physical shell, and her thoughts flew away to a completely different place. It is no wonder that the teachers in the kindergarten and neighbor's grandmothers sympathize with her. She is trustworthy, but if she is deceived, she can take revenge, while showing ingenuity worthy of the Count of Monte Cristo. Good, but not "with fists." Can bring home the abandoned puppy, but if the parents ask him to get rid of it, he will take it back to the street, bitterly bursting into tears.
In childhood has a large number of hobbies.He loves everything beautiful, is fond of needlework. There is not enough perseverance, and how can you manage it if you simultaneously embroider a picture, make a dress for a doll and knit a scarf? He studies well, but he gets good grades, rather, thanks to his abilities, good memory and sympathy for the teacher, rather than diligence. It's like my father, especially in nature. Emotional, does not recognize half-tones.

alena the meaning of the name character

Alyona. Characteristics of the name. Mature years

Growing up, Alena will not become absurd and capriciousyoung lady. She will not be a ringleader in an unfamiliar company, at first glance may seem timid and shy. But among close people it changes, becomes cheerful, her laughter rings like a bell. Never open before the first counter. The girl is very vulnerable. He tries not to guess about its weaknesses. Close friends are few, but they know how Alenka is a loyal and devoted friend. She is interested in understanding herself. Can reflect for a long time, remembering some important moments. Self-knowledge will be her main hobby. It can open itself all life and find new features.

Alyona. Characteristics of the name. Professional activity

Chooses a profession where communication withpeople. Responsible, understands what a duty is, will not be able to handle work after a while. Can become a psychologist, an accountant, a designer. Loves diversity, if the financial situation will not allow traveling, will be pleased with the business trip. He has an analytical mind, but he does not know much about technique.

names for girls
Alyona. Characteristics of the name. Love and marriage

Amorous, feminine.Easily adapts to a man, for almost anyone can become an ideal. She is pitiful and compassionate. Rather, he will choose a poor touching romantic who will be able to sympathize with something, than a hard-core cynical businessman. He believes that it is more important for a man to have a good education and be a wonderful lover than to be able to earn big money. At home it is cozy and quiet. Careful, good mother. Can cook a delicious dinner, but does not seek to surprise guests with exquisite and sophisticated dishes.

Names for girls. Alyona

Gentle Alena is called Alyonushka, Alenka, Alenochka, Alenky.

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