Guessing on paper: how to know fate?

Spiritual development

One of the easiest ways to find out the nearestfuture are fortune telling on paper. Usually, this method is used to determine whether it will come true or not. This divination is very simple, and anyone can easily use paper to see the future.

Fortune-telling on paper - "Double Square"

It is necessary to cut out two squares. One must remain empty, and the other must be crossed out diagonally in the form of a cross. Mentally asking a question, the answer to which can only be the word yes or no, both paper squares should be thrown out the window, preferably from a tall building. Next, you need to look at the result of the flight. If the blank page falls first, then the answer is yes, otherwise it does not. This is a very simple, easily executable divination, which directly depends on fate.

Fortune-telling on paper - "We choose desire"

This method is used when it is necessary to solvea complex question, to which there is no answer, or vice versa, there may be several ways, but you want to choose the right one. In this case, the list is indicated by desire or briefly describes the fact that is the answer to the question posed. Then this paper should be crumpled and mixed with six crumpled, identical in size, clean sheets. It is worthwhile to make sure that the inscription was not noticeable. In the end, concentrating on the desire or question, you need to take one lump. If it appears with the inscription, everything will come true or be resolved positively. If empty, then you can make a second attempt. If the outcome is successful, the question or desire will come true, but not so soon. If there is a failure, a third chance is given. If all three lumps fell empty, then the positive outcome of the case should not be counted. True, you do not need to flatter yourself even with a successful third attempt. This portends that fate refused to give a clue, and the right decision should be chosen by yourself.

Divination "On the boy"

On paper, the name of the object of addiction is written, then the sheet is burned, and by the appearing shadows and the sign formed from the ash, the result is learned.

Also use divination by the boy, whenwrite down a question in which the number of letters is counted. The answer is determined by the value corresponding to the received figure. It is necessary to remember that the question can have only an unambiguous answer. If a two-digit number is obtained in the calculation, then it is necessary to add the numbers. For example, 63: 6 + 3 = 9.

The meaning of the digits is as follows: 1 - the answer to the question is already known, 2 - yes, 3 - no, 4 - yes, but with inevitable problems, 5- rather yes, 6 - most likely - no, 7 - maybe 8 - unlikely , 9 - the chances are very small.

A quick way to check the feelings of interesta person is guessing on sticks, on paper. Beginning the prediction, you need to concentrate and think of the name of the subject, and also formulate the question of future relations with him.

For successful guessing, you need to find an assistant. Then, on the right-to-left sheet, vertical sticks are drawn. When the assistant says stop, the dashes are drawn on the next line. As a result, four rows should come out. Then the sticks that are three together are crossed out, and the remaining ones are written with a digit: 0, 1 or 2. As a result, four figures must come out. Deciphering the meaning of the digital code can easily be found on the Internet. For example, a code of four zeros says that a person refers to a fortune-teller as an ideal, and a sign from one of the units indicates that the young man dreams of another.

All fortune telling on paper is captivated by its simplicity andare indispensable helpers, especially for young girls who are concerned about the first love, finding new friends and girlfriends. Do not take these predictions very seriously. After all, in many respects depends on the subconscious of the person who, on the eve of fortune telling, thought about the disturbing question, which left its imprint on the result.

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