gypsy divination

Spiritual development

From time immemorial it is believed that gypsy fortune-tellingare the most truthful. And to this day, the Roma have been able not only to preserve their culture and traditions, but also confirmed their special propensity for various magical rituals and rituals. True fortunetellers, unlike train station charlatans, received their inheritance abilities and do not use them with a thirst for profit. For them, there is nothing to predict the future, opening the veil of your secrets.

But gypsy fortune-telling does not rush to disclose theirsecrets and for many they will remain beyond the inexplicable. They are connected mainly with cards and money, especially with small coins, which are considered a symbol of the Romany nomadic life. No less interesting and fortune-telling with the help of needles. Divination by hand is also popular: the line of children, The sun, life, love, career and many others forGypsy is an open book, and predictions on the hand do not constitute any difficulty for them. Most likely, it's in their blood. But we will try to consider some of the examples.

Guessing on coins

Gypsy fortune-telling with coinslungs. So, for one we need to take three coins. Before guessing, the gypsy gives his client in their hands, so that he warms the coins with his hands, and only after that he starts to guess. This is done, most likely, in order to transmit the energy of the asking person. Only after these actions the fortune teller rolls coins to the ground and remembers the sides to which they fell. The answer is based on various combinations of sieves and eagles. If there are more eagles in their combination, the desired one will pass along the path of a safe solution. If you study this divination more carefully, then you can easily find a similarity to the fortune-telling of the Book of Changes that came to us from China.

Guessing on Needles

Gypsy fortune-telling with the help of a needle is one of thethe most popular entertainment among young gipsies. There are a lot of such fortunetelling options, but we will consider only one of them called "Pendulum". To do this, we need a needle and a red string of silk about 18 cm long. Again, we can not do without money - a gypsy takes a coin from the client. It is desirable that it be made of silver, i.e. had a white color. If there is none, then the usual one will do. We must do the same. This coin lies before the fortune-teller on the table, near the person puts his elbow and holds the thread so that the needle is over the coin. Asking questions with such guessing can be an unlimited number of times. Concentrating on one of them, it is necessary to hang the needle over the coin, and it will begin to swing like a pendulum. The answers to questions are based on how the needle behaves. If the answer is "yes", then it should swing back and forth, if not, then left-right. If it moves in a circle, then the question must be asked differently, if the needle is still, then there is no need to wait for the answer, since Gypsy fortune telling is not for you.

Guessing on the knife

This divination is not as common as the previous oneskinds. His actions are similar to the European game in a bottle, but instead of a bottle there is a knife that turns on a specially prepared for this divination board. In the end, we get answers to the questions we ask, and do not kiss, because it's fortune telling, not a game. At the edges of the board, we put cards with answers such as "yes", "no", "fear fake friends", "only patience will help you," "wait for news," "meeting," "love," "sadness will turn into happiness" , "travel", "unexpected guests" and many others. The knife rotates three times - this means that there will be three answers: one basic and two explanatory. If the knife stopped between the answers, you need to scroll it again.

So, if you suddenly meet a gypsy woman and shewill not want to give up, then do not rush to give up, because fortune telling gypsies in most cases come true, which means that you will have a chance to know for sure your future, especially if she uses fortune-telling for love.

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