Dream Interpreter. The wolf dreamed - why would it?

Spiritual development

Very often in a dream people see animals that aresomehow endowed with mystical properties and embody the qualities and traits of acquaintances or even close people. One of these animals becomes a wolf. What does the dream book say about this? The wolf, first of all, is the embodiment of fear of something or someone. Sometimes this is a reflection of the bitterness or greed of the dreamer himself. Most likely, you have an enemy hampering your life. To defeat a wolf in a dream is to improve relations with a loved one in life.

To date, there are more than 100various dream books and in each of them it is possible to find various interpretations of dreams. You can choose any that you think most fully reflects the picture of your dream.

A large dream book. In it, the wolf acts like a hidden enemy, who lurks in your surroundings and builds intrigues. If you dream that you are participating in the hunt for a wolf - this can mean a close quarrel with someone from close people. If you are watching the hunt from outside, then soon you will be able to witness a quarrel of people close to you. To catch and catch a wolf in a dream means you are in need, extremely unpleasant, to participate in a fight. To kill a wolf in a dream means that you are in big trouble.

Color dream book. A white wolf in a dream tells you that one of your enemies will go over to your side. Absolutely the opposite meaning about wolves of another color contains a dream book. Black Wolf - to see this in a dream means that one of your friends will soon very much betray you or betray you.

Children's dream book. The wolf here acts as a symbol of deception, deceit and anger. In this dream book there is no positive interpretation of the dreamed wolf.

Another interesting dream book is the Old Persiandream son of Taflisi. In it, a wolf is a symbol of the envy of others. If you see how a wolf enters your house, it is a sign that an early conflict with the authorities is possible. If the wolf causes damage to your home - then you are threatened with harassment. If in a dream you find the head of a wolf - this is to glory. According to the Russian folk dream book, a wolf is always a symbol of danger and the presence of an enemy.

Every day dream book. The wolf here acquires meaning only if it dreams on certain days. From Monday to Tuesday - the dreamed wolf symbolizes the news of the illness or even the death of one of your friends. From Sunday to Monday - most likely you will be lonely, which will be the result of misfortune. If the wolf has dreamed on Wednesday it means that it is necessary to collect all forces and struggle with difficulties.

There is one more dream book where color mattersthe wool of the dreamed wolf is a modern dream book. The white wolf here will become the personification of the victory of good over evil. If you killed a white wolf in a dream, then in life you undeservedly accused a loved one. If the white wolf is simply present in a dream, while not entering into a conversation with you, does not direct your actions - then someone from close people is your angel guardian. Has the opposite side of this dream book - the black wolf here becomes a symbol of threat, dishonesty, deception. To see in a dream the fight of black wolves - to the imminent illness of your very close person. If the wolves talk among themselves, then there is a plot around you.

Miller's dream. This is the most common dream book. A wolf in a dream here speaks about the presence in your environment of a carefree person who will easily give out all your secrets, secrets. Such a person is capable of stealing. If you hear the howl of wolves in a dream, then you will soon be able to unravel the secret collusion of your enemies.

Whichever dream book you choose to solve the mystery of your dream, remember, if you dreamed of a wolf - you have to be on your guard and look attentively at your surroundings.

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