What does the chamomile dream about: ambiguous interpretation of dreams

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Almost all people on the planet in one way or anotherare prone to dreams. Having woken up, many of us hasten to explain them - independently or by means of various sources. Quite often it happens that the person in dreams is the flowers. Not an exception - and this field flower. In various existing dream books, the question of what the chamomile is dreaming can be solved in different ways. Whether it depends on the ambiguous interpretation of the flower, whether for some other reason, but it so happens that the daisy evokes in interpreters, you can say, sometimes even directly opposite images and grounds. Consider how to explain what the chamomile is dreaming about, some dream books. And it's up to you to decide which source to trust your destiny with.

what the chamomile is dreaming about

What does the chamomile dream about?

  • In general, these flowers, dreamed in a dream, and in this many original sources agree, can foreshadow some of the obstacles that are formed in your life's path.
  • But for women and for girls, for differentsources, the interpretations are directly opposite. To women - to the offer. To girls - to a protracted girlhood. And still young girls believe that the chamomile petals can tell you how your beloved relates. Therefore, if you dream, as you cut off the petals of the daisy, you need to take a closer look (if it's a dream) to what the last petal will be, and remember.
  • Interpretation for lovers: if you tear off the petals of a camomile one by one in a dream, the hopes for a speedy marriage will not be justified.

 what does the camomile look like?

What does the camomile look like?

In general, the daisies of the badnothing is foretold, and this is considered a favorable sign. But many dreamers note that these flowers bring into life some kind of uncertainty and self-doubt (hence, there is a traditional guessing on the flower itself: likes - does not like). Simultaneously, the daisies seen in dreams represent simplicity and simplicity.

  • In particular, they are favorable for family people.Why dream chamomile in this case, if a person has a close and strong family? To family well-being and strengthening of relationships. And to see, for example, in the forest a clearing with these flowers and collect chamomile on it means that nothing should darken the achieved well-being and harmony in family relations. In general, here daisies symbolize a happy future.
  • Why do you dream of camomiles in the field, if you go through it in a dream, and the flowers exude a strong aroma? In the near future, a person expects a secret novel, quite stormy, about which others will not know.
  • If a bouquet of chamomiles, collected by you, in a dreamaccidentally crumbles, then your frivolity will destroy what you have sought for many years (whether in personal or public relations). So be careful!

what does the camomile look like in the field

More options

  • According to Morozova's dream, if you dreamed that youbought a whole bunch of chamomiles, then this is for quick and big income in business. If you make up a bouquet of camomiles in a dream, it means advancement on the service and social ladder, honor and respect from others. But to break a daisy in a dream - to squabbles at work or in the family.
  • According to the dream book, Tsvetkov, the daisy is dreaming of obstacles. And if you saw a whole glade of unshaven flowers - to a period of life, quite long, when it will be necessary to overcome all kinds of barriers.
  • According to the esoteric dream book, sniffing daisies in a dream - to intimate relationships.
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