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Spiritual development

The family is the cell of society, which plays a crucialrole in its development. Traditions, norms of behavior and construction of life in the circle of the closest people are determined by ethnicity, religious views. Since we are all mostly Orthodox Christians, we are under the protection of God, whose image is passed to us in icons. There are many holy faces, so now we will look directly at the icons for the house and family, find out where they need to be located, and what spheres of life they are influencing.

icons for family and home

Famous in the Orthodox world is the iconFaithful Peter - to her often apply before marriage. Prayer to this apostle helps to find a worthy partner for life or instructs on the right path of people who have already chosen each other. A well-to-do marriage is also promoted by the holy faces of Princess Fevronia, and also by all the Mirom miracle workers. Their images are sold in any church kiosk.

Often icons for family and home are required then,when misunderstandings arise between spouses. In order to stop quarreling or prevent such a prospect in the future, place in your apartment the face of the Evangelist John the Theologian. Turn to him with prayer for help in difficult times, and in moments of happiness, give thanks for everything you have.

icons for home and family

Many icons for family and home are purchased inIf you can not conceive a child. When, for no apparent reason, God does not give their parents a child, the church recommends that they turn to the Godfathers - Joachim and Anna. The faces of the Messiah's parents are recommended to be placed in the matrimonial bedroom. You need to contact them as often as possible. Also in the struggle against infertility, the prophets Zechariah and Elizabeth are effective. Such icons for family and home are rarely used, more often they are in temples. There you can come and ask the Saints what you want.

It happens that the family needs an heir,who could continue his father's way. If you want a boy to appear in the family, ask St. Alexander Svirsky with this request. It is advisable that his face always be in your bedroom.

where to hang icons in the house

Some icons for family and home areuniversal. Turning to them, you can ask to solve any problem, help in any undertaking. Such holy faces create an atmosphere in the apartment, eliminate quarrels between family members, help to establish contacts with distant relatives. Among modern families, the icon of Xenia of Petersburg is very popular. You can hang it in the living room, in the hall or in the dining room.

An important question for many people is the question ofwhere to hang icons in the house, so that their impact is maximally favorable. It should be noted immediately that at the time of the acquisition of some Holy faces you will be told in the church where they should be addressed. Most often, the icons are directed towards one of the sides of the Light. If there is no such instruction, put Lick where his help is required. The icon for conceiving a child should be placed in the bedroom, and the one that brings a harmony in the family should be placed in the living room or in the room where all the members of the family gather.

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