Quartz green: magical properties, features and reviews

Spiritual development

Prasem (praziolite), or quartz green - thisa unique mineral of green-gray color, which is often used as a fairly inexpensive, but very original stone for jewelry.

quartz green

Magic and healing properties of a stone

It has long been thought that the main properties of greenquartz is composed of excellent filtration and water purification. The liquid, which is infused for a long time on this mineral, can be used for various cosmetic purposes. On the basis of such water today, a huge number of different means are produced. Women before going to bed are recommended to wash their face with this liquid, as it provides the necessary tonus of the skin, adding elasticity, which helps to preserve youth and beauty.

In addition, the excellent procedure allowsremove acne. Quartz green also has a beneficial effect on the respiratory tract. If you always wear a pendant made of mineral, you can protect yourself from colds.

There is an ancient belief that sorcerers and sorcerers used green quartz for their rites. The magic properties of the stone are as follows:

  • Mineral has a calming effect.
  • Stone is able to improve the psychological perception of life.
  • Has a positive effect on the general condition of the human body.
  • In unmarried people, the mineral raises the desire to create a family.

properties of green quartz

Green quartz as a charm

Mineral is a magnificent amulet thatactually helps with various diseases. Quartz green calms, helps to overcome stressful mood and brings a certain harmony in the physical and mental state of a person.

The stone has a beneficial effect on all internalorgans, helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Mineral is effective in combating excessive emotionality. It is believed that due to the direct influence of green quartz, people open extrasensory possibilities. The mineral helps to increase dreaminess.

Green quartz is a stone whose properties are equated with magical ones. It allows you to find the truth, gain confidence, help to achieve great success.

quartz green

Artificial quartz

Most often in jewelry is used naturalquartz, but today there are many substitutes. As a rule, quartz green is created by the thermal treatment of yellow and violet minerals. Often use a citrine stone. When heated to 5 thousand degrees, it changes its yellow color to green. This method of making artificial stone has long been known to jewelry masters. Ural craftsmen received green quartz, baking citrine in loaves of bread. To obtain an artificial mineral masters of India used sunlight, which was directed to the stone with the help of complex systems of mirrors and lenses.

green quartz stone properties

Jewelry made of green quartz

In the role of the talisman, quartz should be used insilver frame, because it is in combination with this valuable metal that it best attracts financial well-being and success. In addition, the mineral makes it possible to find faithful and faithful love. When a person needs protection and patronage, he should wear this stone in a cross made of platinum or silver. It is in this form that the quartz green makes it possible to establish communication with the guardian angel.

Quartz is an amulet of negative energy and evil eye. People who want to strengthen the family are advised to choose amulets made from this stone.

green quartz magic properties

Who better to wear green mineral?

Prazem loves more open, courageous and honestof people. Quartz will help an unselfish and kind person, but if these qualities are not possessed by the owner, the stone can even do harm. The ring with quartz must be worn for the conclusion of agreements or business negotiations, as it looks beautiful, and at the same time additionally attracts a financial fortune and luck.

Quartz green has really miraculous properties and protects its owner in absolutely any difficult situation for him.

Given that this stone has a gentle anda beautiful shade, under it you must choose the appropriate wardrobe. Quartz can perfectly complement classic clothes or elegant and elegant dress.

quartz green

Benefits of quartz

The main advantage of this stone is that it:

  • looks great;
  • can be perfectly processed;
  • has high strength.

All these properties allow you to make from quartz a huge amount of elegant and elegant jewelry that will be appropriate at absolutely any time.

There is an opinion that such an unusual stone should be worn only on the left hand, regardless of what kind of product it is - a bracelet or a ring, because only so he can help his master.

It should be noted that natural stone can significantly fade and become almost colorless during the long exposure to direct sun rays.

This rather original and magnificent mineral is difficult to extract, because in nature it is rare. Most often it is extracted artificially.

properties of green quartz

Care of quartz

Buying items with natural stones or precious metal, you need to know how to properly care for them.

Since green quartz is considered quitestrong stone to thoroughly clean it, the mineral should only be processed with a soft brush or washed in a light aqueous solution based on a detergent. If the stone is in a frame that is made of silver, then after cleaning, the object should be thoroughly rinsed under running water.

Any jewelry with quartz should be storedas far as possible from the heating devices and do not allow high humidity. It is desirable that any thing has its own pouch or box, because that's how you can prevent scratches and deformations of jewelry.

Do not need to leave quartz for a long timeunder the rays of the sun, because from this stone quickly lose its natural shine and will be almost colorless. Green quartz is harmed by a strong and sharp temperature drop, so a mineral can also quickly lose its rich tone and even become discolored. You can return the color to the stone by irradiation, but the shade will not be the same as before.

To jewelry made of quartz for a long time were shiny and beautiful, it is necessary to wipe the stone from time to time with a soft sponge, removing various dirt and small dust particles.

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