1991 - the year of the animal in the Eastern calendar? Characteristics and compatibility of the mark

Spiritual development

1991 of which animal
1991 is the year of which animal? This question is often asked by those who believe and follow the horoscopes. In this connection, we decided to dedicate this article to this topic.

1991 is the year of which animal?

1991, from which it was already twenty-threeyear, gave the world a lot of the most ordinary and famous people. That is why, as for many other years, special attention is paid to it. According to the Eastern calendar, an animal such as a sheep or a goat dominated it.

Period and features

Learning 1991 - the year of which animal, followsnote that it began on February 15, and ended - on the 4th of the same month, but only the future - in 1992. The main material of this eastern symbol is metal. As for color, 1991 was the year of the White Goat or Sheep.

• 1991 of which animal horoscope

General information

Now you know, 1991 is the year of which animal. The horoscope of people born under the sign of Goats says that these are rather subtle creative natures that are capable of incredible romantic acts. Sensibility, sincerity and generosity are not alien to such representatives. Sometimes "goats" can fall into a strong state of laziness, and also display their capricious and even vindictive nature.

Horoscope of people born in 1991

1991 is the year of which animal? White Metal Sheep or Goats. Such people have a rich imagination, they are endowed with various talents, are courteous and polite, and also artistic and elegant. In most cases, representatives of the Goat year have an excellent taste, an understanding of form and color. In addition, they have quite a strong intuition in dealing with others. Sheep know how to like, especially if it is to their advantage. They are quite skilfully defending their point of view on any issues, as well as their convictions and views.

The personal qualities of people born in 1991

The goat is sweet and kind. She is inclined to charity and charity, she always shares with others and never refuses to help. In the stock she always has reasonable and useful advice, which she gives out to the left and to the right.

1991 which animal compatibility
Year of birth 1991 - what qualities are inherent in suchpeople? It should be noted that Sheep might be the most charming of all the eastern signs if they were more optimistic and stable, and also less annoying and restless. In life, such people are quite strongly hampered by shyness, shyness and indecisiveness. The goat is very often displeased with its fate and fate, which leads to the despair of her friends and relatives. Sometimes representatives of this sign become aggressive, although they themselves do not realize this. In addition, Goats can be very religious. In this case, they become more cute, condescending, attentive and protective of others. At the same time, the representatives of the year, the Sheep begin to control their actions and actions, weigh and think about them, start thinking and gradually unravel the accumulated problems.

General characteristic of the sign

Above we answered the question about 1991 yearwhat animal. The characteristic of this sign worries many people born in the year of Goat or Sheep. Despite the fact that such representatives are ambitious, they rarely reach a high financial position and social level. At the same time, the penetrating power of the Goats is quite large, but the fuse is quite enough for "a little bit". In addition, their habit of criticizing everything, as well as their inherent pessimism, is caused by a flurry of adversity and misunderstandings from outside.

The feeling of independence, personal freedom andindependence of such people is either not developed at all, or completely absent. Although Goats are quite capable of choosing for themselves a way of life in which they will always be full and safe.

Compatibility with other eastern signs

1991 of what animal characteristic
In this article we gave an exhaustive answer to thethe question of 1991 is the year of which animal. Compatibility of this sign with others excites fans of horoscopes is not less than the general characteristic. Let's consider this compatibility in more detail.

  • With Rat. Such an alliance will be problematic. Relationships between partners can deteriorate due to frequent emotional outbursts.
  • With the Bull. This union also does not bode well. At the same time the Sheep do not like the Bull's obstinacy, and he can not at all resign himself to her obedience.
  • With the Tiger. The chances for an alliance are, but small. If the Tiger becomes furious and angry, then he easily "gets rid" of his partner.
  • With Rabbit. Such an alliance turns out to be serene. The rabbit will always be entertained by the vagaries of the Sheep, and the quirks of the latter are Rabbit. Their joint life can last a very long time, even after the fading of passion.
  • With the Dragon. Such a relationship is highly questioned. As a rule, the Sheep is frightened by the originality and conceit of the Dragon.
  • With the Snake. There will be many problems in such an alliance. The goat will always pull the blanket on itself, and the Serpent can not reconcile with it.
  • With a horse. This relationship is not recommended. However, an alliance is possible if the representative of the year of the Horse is prosperous, or, even better, rich.
  • With Goat. This union is considered the most successful among allthe rest. Surrounding people such a couple will admire and marvel at their fervent love. If this union lasts until the second half of the life together, then it will flow in a calm and peaceful channel.
  • With the Monkey. Such relations are very doubtful. After all, representatives of signs are too different natures. In this regard, in such a family, quarrels may arise quite often from scratch.
  • year of birth 1991
    With Rooster. At the very beginning of relations, a struggle for power and primacy is possible. But after a time when partners get used to each other, the most beautiful time of mutual understanding will come.
  • With a dog. As practice and sociological studies show, such a union is doomed. After all, representatives of these signs are rather pessimistic. They will always be unhappy with each other.
  • With Pig. Such an alliance is a very good option. The marriage of representatives of these signs can be both happy and lasting. After all, Pig will not have the slightest claim to Koz. As for Sheep, she will always understand and perceive her partner as a better spouse or husband. Such relations will contribute to the fullest spiritual harmony.
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