Next Year is the Year of Which Animal? East Horoscope For The Coming Years

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The Eastern calendar has been used in Asian countries for more than 47 centuries. In recent years, Europeans began to show special interest to him and wonder: in the year of what animal I was born?

There are different beliefs about the appearance of the easterncalendar. One of the legends says how the Buddha summoned representatives of the entire animal world before his death, but only 12 animals came. The Great Buddha decided to thank them in that he appointed each of them the patron of the year in the order in which they appeared at the meeting.

According to another version, a competition was organizedamong animals. As a result of these competitions, the superiority was won, not entirely honestly, by the cunning Rat. And now it is believed that people who were born under the auspices of this animal are endowed with cunning and resourcefulness.

But no matter how the legend relates, now every animal comes to us strictly in a certain year.

For example, what do you think, the year 2015An animal on the eastern horoscope? Who does this cycle represent? Yes, you are right, the patroness of 2015 is Goat, or Sheep. She carries a feminine element in her, loves persistent ones, although she is a bit timid. A happy future is provided to those who this year are active in all matters and endeavors. A cautious goat is a bit frivolous and inconstant, so under her guidance life this year will be appropriate.

To count in year of which animal was born, it is necessary to remember that in the cycle of the eastern calendar of 12 years. The people, symbolized by the Goat, were born in 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967, etc.

What will 2016 bring us? What animal is this year? The next 12 months we will honor the Fiery Monkey. This animal is unpredictable, so you need to be prepared for various surprises and surprises. But one thing is clear - this year it will be fun and boring.

Are you interested in: 2017 - the year of which animal? Look at the eastern calendar, and you will see a neat, self-confident, determined Rooster. This year will be filled with various events. It is important to calculate the strengths to last for all 12 months, otherwise not to cope with the problems.

Calm, fair, loyal - this is 2018. What kind of animal reminds us? That's right, the Dog. Compared with previous years, this time will be measured, although we will worry for our relatives and for their future.

So, the year 2019. What kind of animal will we be honored in this period of time? On the eastern calendar, the Earth Pig arrives. This is an honest and immaculate animal, who never has problems with money. In the year of the Pig everything will stabilize and go for the better, at this time you can taste the taste of life and shake the fruits of your labor.

A new, twelve-year cycle on the easternThe calendar opens in 2020. What kind of animal will he show us? Yes, it's White, or Metal, Rat, which is considered the companion of the God of Happiness. The rat is very intelligent, stubborn and romantic. The year will be favorable not only in financial relations, but also in the field of politics, and this year you can expect a lot of accusations and convictions.

2021 year. What animal will we honor at this time? Metal Bull is a strong-willed sign of a horoscope, which always achieves its intended goals. In this year, lucky people are motivated. It will be necessary to work until exhaustion. Successes will be achieved by those who work in agriculture.

In the horoscope of the year on animals are divided into triads. The first triad includes Rat, Monkey and Dragon. The second triad is formed by the Ox, Rooster and Snake. The third triad includes the Tiger, the Dog and the Horse. Rabbit, Pig and Goat are the components of the last triad. Triads describe the main features of the nature of people born at this time.

Knowing in which year the horoscope was born, a personwill manage his destiny and do everything to attract luck to himself. With the help of hidden talents and strengths of character, you can achieve significant success in life.

Now, having found out in year of an animal on a horoscope a man was born, you can easily determine his character, priorities and the intended occupation. This knowledge can help to find a friend or life partner for compatibility characters.

The eastern horoscope describes not only the events,but also the relationship between people. Knowing which animal on a horoscope a person can correctly build relationships not only at home, but also at work. This can lead to career growth, prosperity and success. Sometimes the right environment is much more important than the right behavior.

The Eastern horoscope gives the animalseach person a special temperament and character, corresponding to a certain element: Tree, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Their influence not only shapes the character of a person, but also affects their fate.

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