Aventurine (stone): magical properties. Therapeutic properties and importance of stone

Spiritual development

Aventurine is a semi-precious stone,Enchanting dazzling impregnations, attracting attention and raising the mood. On the planet there is a huge variety of colors of the mineral. Most of all, blue aventurine is valued, but the most common are cherry, yellow, brown, orange stones. The mineral is interesting not only for its appearance, but also for healing and magical properties. For many centuries healers, healers, magicians used for their own purposes aventurine. A stone whose magical properties are highly valued can bring a lot of benefit to people, you just need to know how to use it correctly.

aventurine stone magic properties

Characteristics of aventurine

Mineral is a type of mountainquartzite rock with the addition of goethite, mica flakes, hematite, copper cracks. The most valuable blue aventurine, it occurs in Austrian Salzburg. Brown, cherry, yellow, light stones can be found almost in all corners of the planet. An incredibly valued green aventurine, some stones at a price in no way inferior to the best varieties of jade. The natural mineral is distinguished by glass shine, brittleness, opaque texture. The yellow and cherry stones sparkle the most, because they have a homogeneous structure.

Mineral deposits

Real connoisseurs of aventurine believe that the beststones are found in India, Austria, Brazil and Russia. Each country can boast a mineral of a special color. A beautiful green aventurine comes from India. He is not inferior in value to high-quality jade. In the state of Jaipur were found deposits of a rare blue aventurine. This unique in color mineral was also discovered in the vicinity of Salzburg (Austria). A reddish-brown stone is mined in the Spanish Cabo de Gata. In the Urals (Russia) there is a unique high-quality green aventurine.

meaning and properties of stones

Mineral species

In nature there is a large color variety of adventurines, all of them are united by a magic sparkle. Natural stones are distinguished by shagreen and porosity.

  • Golden-cherry aventurines - reminiscent of Venetian glass. Fine-grained, bright are distinguished by strong sparkling. In thin sections, you can see that they are translucent to 5 mm in depth.
  • Cherry-brown aventurines are dense, fine-grained. They are distinguished by uneven color and uniformity.
  • Honey-yellow minerals - evenly colored, have muscovite scales.
  • Uniformly pink aventurines - practically do not flicker, fine-grained, appear through 3 mm deep.
  • Stripe-white stones - on a bright background barely noticeable golden strips are visible.
  • Cherry-white banded adventurines - on the pink or white background, the cherry stripes clearly visible, in some places turning into spots.
  • Green minerals - have an emerald shade.
    green aventurine

Healing properties of stone

Aventurine showed itself very well in treatmentskin diseases. The healing and magical properties of stones were known to people from ancient times. Even in Ancient Egypt knew that aventurine helps to cope with such serious problems as baldness, eczema, allergic reactions, rashes. Mineral in a relatively short time significantly improves the condition of the skin. Patients are advised to wear aventurine (stone) closer to the affected areas of the body. Properties (photos of the mineral show that it is not only curative, but also beautiful) crystals are amazing, if they wipe warts daily, they will come off. Also aventurine cures for colds, bronchitis.

aventurine photo

To improve blood circulation, you should wearstone in the form of a pendant. A bracelet or ring can reduce pressure, heal the cardiovascular system. Aventurine helps with food and nervous disorders, improves metabolism, removes depression, calms in stressful situations. The mineral relieves of unreasonable fears, phobias, timidity.

Before buying jewelry, you need tolearn the meaning and properties of stones. For example, aventurine, although curative, but with constant wearing can harm. Most of all, it is useful in the period of the waning moon. It is recommended to sick people to wear a mineral for five days, and two days to rest from it. A healthy person, on the contrary, wears a stone for two days, and five rest.

The magical properties of the mineral

Mages and sorcerers from ancient times believed that toThe magic of the moon is very close to aventurine. Stone magic properties are best manifested in the period of the decreasing light. This is an indispensable assistant in gambling, in which just need good luck. But in no case should you abuse aventurine, because it can lead to serious material losses. Mineral attracts its owner pure love, helps to achieve reciprocity.

aventurine stone properties photo

Magic stones are capable beyond recognitionchange the mood and even the character of a person. Aventurin charges with optimism, its owner seems to shine from within, he is happy, confident, he has clear thoughts. But do not hope that the stone helps absolutely all people. It does not suit those who are empowered, has serious obligations to society, the family. Therefore, mostly single young people wear aventurine. Stone magic properties are sent to the search for luck. Owners of aventurine are usually lucky in life, they look differently at different situations, they are illuminated by an unexpected solution to the problem.

Talismans of stone

Most often in the form of beads, bracelets, inserts inrings and earrings meets aventurine. A photo of jewelry is breathtaking, few will refuse such beauty. True, the stone does not fit all people, most of all it is favorable to the earth signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Virgo. Mineral is also called the muse of creative people, so it is recommended to wear or hold in the house a figurine of this material to artists, writers, composers.

magic stones

Aventurine does not belong to easy and good-naturedstones. He gives a person optimism, faith in themselves, charges with positive energy, but at the same time is capricious and changeable. To help the mineral, you need to give him a break, from time to time removing the jewelry. Aventurine will give a great magical charge, if you buy it on the 12th or 16th day of the lunar calendar.

What signs of the zodiac suits aventurine?

When choosing jewelry, especially mascots andamulets, it is necessary to study the meaning and properties of stones. Some minerals are not as harmless as they seem at first glance. Aventurine reveals its positive qualities to people associated with the element of the Earth and the planet Neptune. Most of all it suits Virgo, Taurus and Cancers. The stone will give them self-confidence, breathe positive energy into their consciousness. Cancers are considered to be the most pessimistic people, a mineral will teach them to look at life more joyfully, do not fixate on trifles.

Unfortunately, it is also able to awaken in peoplebad qualities treacherous and moody aventurine. Stone magic properties in a negative manner can manifest in relation to Aries, Capricorns and Scorpions. Aventurin makes them frivolous and hysterical, and such qualities of happiness do not bring.

healing and magical properties of stones

Products from a stone

Each country can boast of specialobjects from aventurine. Thus, in ancient China, a seal of the emperor was made from a green mineral. In Russia, mostly made of stone, cutlery, candlesticks, small vases, tools for manicure. In England jewelry was very popular and enjoyed: earrings, rings, pendants with insets of aventurine, bracelets, beads, cufflinks. Basically, these are small items, because in nature it is difficult to find large decorative pieces of mineral.

Aventurine is a relatively inexpensive, but very beautiful ornamental stone. With the right treatment, it will serve not only a delightful decoration, but also a defender, talisman and amulet.

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