If you have a dream of treason, the dream book does not solve the problems

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Dreams have long been the subject ofstudy not only for scientists, but also for psychologists. Our ancestors were much simpler. Dream treason, the dream book will reveal the meaning of this image. Infidelity in a dream means bad news. Why so, and not otherwise, our superstitious ancestors did not think. At that time, it was not customary to visit psychoanalysts. The man believed that his soul goes on a journey during sleep, and dreams are her impressions during the journey.

Modern man in such an illogical explanationis unlikely to believe, and the very interpretation of the images cause only a smile. With regard to bad news, we can say that having turned on the TV, any of us will hear them in such a number that treason is simply a must to dream us every day. Therefore, we will not be like our great-grandfathers and try to analyze our dreams from the point of view of the science of psychology. Close the grandmother's dream book, betrayal of a loved one in a dream means only one thing: in your relationship there are big problems. We fully admit that nothing like this has happened to you yet. You do not even think about infidelity ... for now. But moral or physical dissatisfaction with one's own relations is present. Therefore, if the treason was dreamed, the dream book will not give an answer to the question. Analyze your relationship with a partner to understand what caused this signal of the subconscious. Each pair is individual, so our article is not a direct guide to action. This is just an attempt to analyze such a unique and mysterious phenomenon as human dreams.

First, let's try to examine processes from the pointview of physiology. As you know, a person can get a sexual discharge in a dream. Therefore, if you dream passionate sex with a natural outcome, it means only one thing. In real life, you lack the carnal pleasures, so the brain makes up the shortfall in this way.

Option number two: treason in sleep is not associated with physical contact. Sex was not, but had a beautiful date, flowers and diamonds, yachts and limousines. And then you, all in white at the altar. Do not rush into the search engine to drive "Dream Interpreter, the interpretation of dreams, treason." You just do not have romance in a relationship. You dream of seas and corals, but you have to settle for a cottage and beds. Such we are young ladies, thin and refined, even if not in reality, at least in a dream.

If you dream passionate sex with a stranger,most likely, your intimate life lacks variety. Practicing psychologists and sexologists can tell a lot of stories when their patients in dreams had to deal with such things, which they did not dare to think about in real life. Similar symptoms in the professional language are called suppressed sexuality. By the way, Sigmund Freud became the founder of psychoanalysis in dreams. The scientist even made up his own dream book, in which the interpretation of the images are given taking into account the characteristics of the person's sexuality.

If you dreamed of adultery, dream bookgives a lot of interpretations. The meaning of your dream depends on the violent imagination of the compiler of the book. Yes, and psychoanalysts, most likely, will convince you that this way expresses your concern about the relationship. Partly they are right. If you are very jealous and constantly think only that a loved one can have fun on the side, then do not be surprised by your dreams. However, another option is quite possible. Real betrayal takes place, the brain has already noticed something wrong: someone else's smell, behavior change. You dismissed the alarm signal, but the subconscious mind returned to this event not in real life, but in a dream.

Finally, we suggest that we move away from scientific researchand return to things more understandable and prosaic. If you have a dream of treason, put the dream book aside and remember which films you watched the last time, what books you read. Perhaps you were so impressed by other people's love affairs, that you wanted to stay in the place of heroes even in a dream.

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