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Undoubtedly, the owner of the name Alisher sincerelyproud of its own euphonious and original name. Having listened to it, one can easily feel the interconnection of times and peoples, as well as understand the very unique historical moment that set the starting point of human life. What kind of The meaning of Alisher's name is? What is the fate of this guy? How complex is his character? This and other equally important questions can be found in the process of reading the article.

Origin of the name

the meaning of the name Alisher

Before considering, what The meaning of Alisher's name is, it is advisable to get acquainted with itsorigin. It is important that it is endowed with Arab-Persian roots, respectively, consists of two separate words. By the way, originally so original name was a three-word one and was pronounced as "Alisher".

The first basis of this name is the word "ali"having an Arabic origin, is interpreted as "high". It is necessary to supplement that over time it was endowed with a multitude of portable meanings, among which "great", "supreme", "sublime," "strong," "powerful," "expensive," "one who surpasses the rest" and so on . By the way, the last epithet is similar to that applied to Allah.

The second framework, fully describing which The meaning of Alisher's name is, sounds like "sher" and takes the position of "lion".Today, there is an interesting historical fact, according to which Alisher Navoi was one of the most revered carriers of this name. He is also an active figure in the Uzbek state, a thinker, and also a poet who composed poems in the languages ​​of Farsi and the Turks.

Alisher: the meaning of the name, character and destiny

Alisher: the meaning of the name, the character

It will be advisable to start from birtha child whom his parents decided to call such a bright and unusual name. A very pleasing feature is that Alish (just as the name sounds in the abbreviated form), being still small, greedily absorbs the knowledge provided by the world. He is so alive and restless a child that his parents often wonder if they have one baby. By the way, it is thanks to agility and curiosity that little Alisher, as a rule, is able to achieve significant success in studying the school curriculum.

The meaning of the name Alisher for the boy speaks of his desire for sports andDeveloping hobbies, which smell of a spirit of rivalry. Unfortunately, Alish is not endowed with strong patience - the kid is superficial, which sometimes makes it difficult to concentrate on any one action. By the way, the fulfillment of everyday duties is a real hard labor for the boy. He, of course, is much nicer to run into the yard to friends and play with them in football or another sport game. Despite such mobility, Alisher at school gets good grades and quickly learns new information. His tongue is perfectly suspended, that's why the kid never thinks about what it is necessary to tell the teacher to put him to him.

Alisher: the meaning of the name, character, attitude to the institution of the family

Alisher: the meaning of the name, character and destiny

It is important to note:Alisher, like no other, knows how to impress a woman, because he has the perfect talent of the narrator! By the way, he will choose that girl who will laugh most loudly from his jokes and listen with delight to his stories about sports, travel, society, politics and other "bikes". Pleases that after the marriage Alisher completely completely gives himself to the unusual role of a caring family man.

The nature of Alisher

the meaning of the name Alisher for the boy

His character is easy enough, therefore, asrule, he does not seek to dominate relationships and in strict order does not require the chosen one to have perfect purity and variety in the menu. Living with a man named Alisher for a woman is a real adventure, interesting and exciting. By the way, Alish is absolutely not jealous, but is very popular among the fair sex, so his chosen one often has a hard time. Nevertheless, it is better not to demonstrate her own rights to her husband explicitly, because he first of all is delighted by the ease and mutual trust in terms of relations.

It turned out, the meaning of the name Alisher ambiguous, it says a lot about his character and a priori about the life path. This man undoubtedly has a strong inner core and his own point of view on this or that issue.

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