Compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius in love: battle of the sexes

Spiritual development

What is love?Every person in his life is asked this question. Especially in the event that his feeling is unusual, with his second half he has little in common. There is an opinion that love is nothing more than physics, that is, attracting its opposite to itself.

compatibility of the virgin and archer in love
Someone says that with this light feeling inthe body produces some mysterious substance that makes a person happy. That is, love is chemistry. For some, this feeling is nothing but psychology. Someone is trying to find the secret of love in astrology. This approach is based on the identification of people's compatibility with the influences of planets and signs that affect them. This process is laborious and complex and involves many aspects. In this article we will consider the compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius in love. These signs are so different that one can only be surprised that they turned their attention to each other. And in many respects the compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius in love, namely the alignment of forces and the overall harmony of the pair, depends on which particular sign the particular participant of this pair belongs to.

the maiden and the Sagittarius
Male-Virgo and Sagittarius-woman

I just wish good luck in this alliancea serious representative of the stronger sex, who decided to conquer the fatal lady. For him, the stakes are high - no less than a little personal freedom and the usual bachelor life. But thus neither for her nor for the sake of anything else he will never sacrifice his self-esteem and heightened sense of self-worth. There is no secret that the capricious female Sagittarius is a lover who can scream and beat anyone's self-esteem in her own company, while she does it without noticing it, not with evil. While the proud man-Virgo is already barely holding back, so as not to turn around and not to leave. Instead, he tactfully and with dignity put the lady in place, which will be the only correct option. After all, this friendly and idealistic woman is looking for just such a man - who would be firm with her and at the same gentle. But do not close the curtain. Problems in the pair can begin because of the rearrangement of male and female roles. Sagittarius is a purely masculine sign, and Virgo is a feminine sign. In this union, a woman can eventually occupy a dominant position, if her man does not keep her on time.

Virgo and Sagittarius Love
Thus, the overall outlook for the pair will be favorable with the proper arrangement of the roles that Virgo and Sagittarius will occupy. Love can take shape in a happy long family life.

Option vice versa

The compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius in love will bequite different if the first sign denotes a woman, and the second signifies a man. In this alliance, man's unceremoniousness can strike at the very heart of a beautiful lady - scrupulous, thrifty and caring. In response to her request to be not too prodigal he can simply call her greedy. Of course, these words can easily destroy their light feelings. Of course, lovers are very different, which certainly affects the compatibility of Virgo and Sagittarius in love for the better. But thanks to patience and lapping, they can be together. To do this, they should control and restrain themselves, behave intelligently. Then a fresh wind of change will break into their life.

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