Monasteries of Crimea - the main shrines of Orthodoxy

Spiritual development

Crimea is an amazing peninsula, which has a unique climate and nature of extraordinary beauty. Its picturesque corners are unusual and unique.

monasteries of the Crimea
In addition to the natural resources, which are so generousthe Crimea is endowed, it is also famous for the huge number of temples and monasteries on its territory. The monasteries of Crimea have a rich history of development. They draw to themselves. like a magnet, beckon with its unknown secrets and amaze with its indescribable beauty.

Monasteries of Crimea

Everybody knows the St. George Monastery,located at Cape Fiolent. It was founded in 891. A very interesting legend is associated with him. According to her, the Greek navigators were shipwrecked at the headland. Desperate sailors began to ask St. George for help. He heeded their prayers, and the storm was subdued. Survivors who survived the struggle against the elements founded the St. George Monastery in gratitude to the saint who saved them.

Women's monasteries of Crimea are also famous for theirpicturesqueness. Toplovsky Monastery, which is located near Simferopol, has three churches on its territory. Two of them are valid. Holy sources of the convent each year attract a large number of people, many of whom find healing from their ailments here.

Particularly interesting are the cave monasteries in the Crimea. Each of them has its own unique history and attracts tourists with its mystery.

Cave Monasteries of Crimea

The Shuldan Monastery is located in the cliffs of the rock of the same name, which hangs over the Shulskaya valley.

cave monasteries of the Crimea
In translation, Shuldan means "giving echoes". The monastery consists of two temples. In addition, in its territory there are up to twenty accompanying premises, located on several tiers. The most significant monuments of the monastery include two cave churches. Noteworthy is the fact that after the capture of the peninsula by the Turks, most likely, the complex almost did not function. Residents of the nearby village used its premises for keeping livestock.

The Chelter-Marmara Monastery was founded at the end of VIII- the beginning of the IX century. It is located in the cliffs of Mount Chelter-Kaya near the village of Ternovka. The caves here are arranged in four tiers. Their total number is more than fifty. There are also four churches. At the foot of the monastery is a stony trail, passing through thickets of juniper, cotoneaster and hold-wood.

Uspensky Monastery in the Crimea

No self-respecting tourist neglects the opportunity to visit the most sacred place in the city of Bakhchisaray - the Assumption Monastery.

Uspensky Monastery of Crimea
Crimea is rich in unusual places, but thisthe monastery stands out from many others. It has a rich history. For the twelve centuries of its existence, the monastery has experienced many periods of both prosperity and decline. In the middle of the XV century the holy abode served as the main support for Christianity on the Crimean peninsula.

The monastery is located in one of the mostdesert areas of Crimea - the tract of Mariam-Dere. On both sides it is surrounded by high cliffs. Panorama of the Crimean mountains, opening from the temple, amazes the imagination of even the most sophisticated travelers. Many great people visited the monastery - the Emperors Alexander I and II, the last Emperor of Russia and others.

The Holy Klimentiev Monastery

Monasteries of Crimea each year attracta large number of tourists. Among them is the Holy Klimentievsky Monastery, which is the most ancient on the territory of the Crimean peninsula. In its place the first Christians of Crimea found their refuge. In the same area is the church of St. Clement, which is carved into the rock.

male monasteries of Crimea
From the holy monastery you can go to the ruins of the old Byzantine fortress Kalamata.

Monasteries of Crimea - this is the greatest wealththe peninsula. An Orthodox man will find here for himself all that he needs to connect with nature and the Creator. Picturesque places fill the soul of any person, whether he is a believer or not, by bliss and harmony. And a lot of legends, connected with the history of each monastery, will not leave anyone indifferent. The shrines of Orthodoxy of the Crimean peninsula are unique monuments of history and culture, necessary for the spiritual life of society.

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