Feng Shui wallet - we attract money energy

Spiritual development

For a long time, the purse is a symbol of wealthrights. Therefore, you should choose it very responsibly, otherwise you will not see any material prosperity. The Feng Shui purse should be the right color, size and the right material, and then it will never be empty.

Feng Shui wallet
Respectability of the wallet

Cheap wallet will never contributeThe attraction of money, because it contains the energy of poverty. If you do not have enough money to buy an expensive purse, then you can confine yourself to a purse of the average price category. Most importantly, to the appearance he was functional, respectable and evoked thoughts about wealth.

The size of the wallet

The correct purse for Feng Shui must necessarilybe spacious. Money perfectly lives in such a purse. Even the largest banknotes should fit into it in expanded form. If your wallet is small, it means that you do not expect big money. So, they do not show up for you.

Practicality of the wallet

Give preference to natural leatherpurse, since this material ideally passes through the material energy. In addition, natural materials are more durable and durable. They are nice to touch, they are very worn.

Red wallet on Feng Shui
Artificial materials do not promote the attraction of material energies, but, on the contrary, block access to them.

Color of purse

The most favorable are called brown shades.Here you can include the entire range of yellow, silver and gold colors, as well as black. In general, all colors of the Earth and metal. Red Feng Shui wallet is also considered favorable, but you need to know that not all shades of red help attract money. It is undesirable for the purse to be bright red or fiery orange. Blue, blue, turquoise and green colors according to Feng Shui are completely excluded, since the purse of the color of water does not contribute to the preservation of money in it.

Attracting money for Feng Shui

The right purse for Feng Shui
Feng Shui wallet needs not only the right waypick up, but also fill correctly. To attract material energy in the wallet, they traditionally put three Chinese coins connected together, which can be bought in a specialized store. It's also good if you have a picture of green tea, mint or a bunch of grapes in your purse.

Tips for handling a purse to attract money

Feng Shui wallet should never be empty.There should be even one coin in it, that is, you do not need to spend everything to the last penny. Money in the wallet should also be stored correctly: "face" up and according to the "rank": first a large denomination, and then a small one.

Remember that the won, donated orthe money found will not bring you happiness, you need to get rid of them as easily as they got you. In the purse should not be crumpled, crumpled and tattered denominations. Be sure to spread the bill before you put it in your wallet. And yet, your wallet should not be littered with unnecessary checks, lists and other nonsense. Get rid of garbage, otherwise you will not have money. As soon as your purse loses its external appeal, immediately replace it with a new one. Wipes and holes indicate money for your failure, and through the gaps material energy evaporates.

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