Features of the shrine: Ascension Cathedral (Naberezhnye Chelny). History and modernity

Spiritual development

There are many beautiful churches on our land. The unique monument of architecture is the Ascension Cathedral (Naberezhnye Chelny). Photos of this amazing temple with a difficult history can be seen in the material.

History of erection

The modern shrine is in the territorythe former village of Borovetskoe, which arose at the beginning of the XVIII century. There was a man's monastery, which was burned during the uprisings and was not restored any more. Later, in 1829, a stone church was built here, which became the center of spiritual life. Moreover, the temple played the role of a school. Within its walls, the peasants were taught to read and write.

Ascension Cathedral
Almost 50 years after this date, he began hishistory Ascension Cathedral. Naberezhnye Chelny was already quite a busy territory. Therefore, it was decided to build another temple on the outskirts. Construction work began in 1872. On the site of the old stone church began to build a new shrine. Construction continued for 10 years. This project was financed by one of the most famous writers of the time - Dmitry Staheev. This man worked in the genre of travel essays and served as editor of prestigious magazines and newspapers.

Mixture of crops

In 1882 the first, left part of the complex was opened.It was consecrated in the name of the righteous Demetrius of Thessalonica. This saint from ancient times was considered the patron of the Slavic people. Later completed the right side-chapel. It was named after the Exaltation of the Cross.

The works were finished only in 1889. So began the way of the Holy Ascension Cathedral. Naberezhnye Chelny was now proud of another unique temple.

The house of God is decorated in eclectic style.This manner combines several of the most popular areas of architecture, including neo-Gothic, Neo-Russian and neo-Mauritanian styles. The structure itself was tall and quite large.

According to the records of pre-revolutionary times, about 2,000 people went to the cathedral. They were residents of the village of Borovetskoe and three approximate farms.

Holy Ascension Cathedral

Stubborn people

After the establishment of the power of the Soviets,persecution. Many religious objects were forcibly closed. There is no exact information when the service of the Ascension Cathedral (Naberezhnye Chelny) ceased to function. The churches of this city were locked in the 1930s.

The sanctuary of the village Borovetsky power gave the collective farm.An electric mill was placed under the altar. In connection with the operation of the structure is very affected. When the room became unnecessary, it was abandoned and it began to fall apart.

In the period of perestroika, the attitude towards religion has becomechange. In 1980, local residents asked the authorities to return the temple to them, but then they refused. But Orthodox people did not give up and sent letters to different instances.

Efforts were crowned with success. In 1989, work began on the reconstruction of this shrine. This was a new page of history, which began the Holy Ascension Cathedral (Naberezhnye Chelny).

The appearance of this architectural monument of republican significance was formed in the 1990s. Unfortunately, the primary style could not be reproduced.

Ascension Cathedral

New breath

The first task that the builders -re-installed the roof. Further - new domes. They also built stairs to the bell tower and brought new bells from Voronezh. Later added three more ringing. At the same time, they were engaged in facing the room. From the foundations, they laid a mosaic and painted murals.

Again it became a unique architectural structure of the Ascension Cathedral (Naberezhnye Chelny).

Funds for the restoration of the shrine were collected by allpeople. Despite the fact that the repair was incomplete, lay people asked for a light holiday of the Orthodox world - the Nativity of Christ - to hold a divine service. This event happened back in 1990.

In the summer of 1995, a small baptismala temple that was consecrated in honor of Xenia of Petersburg. There are economic outbuildings nearby. Another highlight is the operating library. There is also a church shop where everyone can acquire spiritual literature, icons and other religious things.

Ascension Cathedral

Additional Information

Active public activitiesAscension Cathedral (Naberezhnye Chelny). Phone of the temple: 8 (8552) 42-71-06. Also, workers and teachers of this shrine can answer the question of laity by e-mail.

Very much the visitors like the area around.Gardens well maintained. In the warm season, plants blossom. In general, the land is like an expensive park. Also, those who visit this temple, it will be interesting to know that nearby, in the village, a spring is beating, the water of which has curative power. Many pilgrims claim that this place radiates exceptional light energy.

Today anyone can visitHoly Ascension Cathedral. G. Naberezhnye Chelny, Borovetskoye village, Chulman Avenue, 127 - the address of the complex. It's easy to get to the temple and take a taxi. The church works every day. It opens at 7 am and closes at 19 pm.

Spiritual life

In addition to worship, the publicactivity temple. An enlightenment center is opened here, the purpose of which is to acquaint people with the faith of Christ. Catechism courses also work. They teach missionaries, spiritual teachers, psalmists and singers. Now 16 graduates are teaching. It should be noted that courses are evening, people of different age categories can visit them.

Holy Ascension Cathedral
Opened his Sunday school Ascension Cathedral(Naberezhnye Chelny). Here, in addition to lessons that allow you to become more thoroughly acquainted with the Orthodox world, children attend service, dine at the refectory, study the art of choral singing. Also, students are engaged in a variety of creative and sports activities. Often, the teachers arrange thematic matinees and concerts for schoolchildren and their parents. No less important is the fact that the children are speaking to orphans. Therefore, from childhood, they master one of the Christian laws - kindness.

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