What will the dream book tell us? Mice in a dream - what's this for?

Spiritual development

All this is a lie, troubles, disappointments ...This will tell you any dream book. Mice in a dream - it's like waking! Try to memorize every detail in this dream, every detail - all this is useful when interpreting it. More about this - in our article.

Miller's dream book

Mice in a dream promise home turmoil and setbacks.In addition, be wary of dirty tricks and slanderers who are near you. Miller deciphers the meaning of the word "mouse" to us: in translation from the Greek language, it means "stealing." It is logical to assume that these animals are symbols of insidious theft, especially since in life we ​​call these hairy peep-holes "gray thieves". Iron logic, is not it?

dream dream book

Sonnik Tsvetkova

White mice in a dream are luck in business andbeginnings! In addition, it speaks about the future of family happiness. Do not kill white mice in your dreams - it's a symbol of sadness! If you see how rodents destroy food supplies, then keep in mind that you will have to keep "on your hump" not one freeloader! Sometimes the interpretation of this dream takes a completely opposite turn: the food stocks in the family of these parasites are not going to be depleted! In my opinion, complete nonsense, but the words can not be erased from the song.

Family Dream Book

Mouse in a dream means trouble, deception withthe side of your friends, and also the failure in business ... If you kill a mouse, then you defeat your ill-wishers. Let her escape from you - prepare for the dubious results of your struggle with the enemies. The mice, who are dreaming of young girls, symbolize deception from their knights.

interpretation of mouse dreams

Esoteric dream book

Mice in a dream are a dislike of the householdfriend. After such a dream, do not be lazy to look attentively at the people around you! Perhaps one of your relatives has harbored some kind of resentment towards you that has grown into evil, and now in every possible way tries to take revenge on you. In rare cases, sleep with the mouse means the loss of someone close or friends.

Dream Interpreter

If you dream of whole hordes of mice -prepare for war, famine and the real sea ... Have you seen a dead mouse? Well, it's time to experience material and financial difficulties. Hoss has an interpretation of one atypical dream. Who knows, suddenly you will dream of this picture: if a mouse ran through your foot and simultaneously cared for it a small need, think about yourself. You feel a sense of own insignificance, you seriously begin to feel your own weakness ... Perhaps now someone is influencing you, or you have shifted all responsibility for your life to someone else's shoulders.

Astral interpretation of dreams

Mouse that you dreamed on the night of Thursday onFriday, tell you that you should not sit idly by, and wait for the manna of heaven. Do you want to implement all your plans? Well, so forward! The dreams that you see on a Saturday or Sunday, speak of your incredible desire to take revenge on someone for treason or betrayal. If on the weekend you dream, as you catch a mouse, running after it throughout the apartment, be wary of waking up: do not blurt out too much, as your detractors will immediately take advantage of this chance!

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